About Us


The team has been building market-leading targeted job search websites for well over a decade. Led by Founder and CEO Shane Pike, they began as a division of in 2003 before splitting off as an independent entity in 2005.

During a rapid expansion in 2003 and 2004, we built out hundreds of websites for, including,,, and EmploymentSpot. To this day, still ranks as one of the most-visited job sites in the world.

In late 2005, we acquired and built it into one of the world's leading healthcare employment sites, with the #1 ranking for nursing jobs and thousands of other terms. The site was then acquired by publicly traded Internet Brands in early 2008.

After, we moved to, dominating the engineering job search space within just a few years. In late 2015, the site was sold to an undisclosed buyer and still ranks as the #1 engineering job site in the world.

Like the other sites we've built, we have great plans for The foundation has been laid, and we've begun to build. Come join the movement to a better job search experience!