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25 Highest Paid Jobs in New York

You’re probably thinking the highest paid jobs in New York are all CEOs, lawyers, and screaming finance wizards — and you’re probably wrong.

We combed through every job tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and extracted the best available salary data. What we found was a little surprising.

First, a caveat:  mean annual salary does not include bonuses, so positions where substantial bonuses are part of the compensation package are underrepresented.

(I’m going out on a limb, here, and assuming that none of us came to NewYorkJobs searching for multi-million dollar positions among the titans of industry. We’re interested in jobs you can find and apply for, today, not positions at the endpoint of a long and arduous career.)

Quick and Dirty Analysis

Here’s what jumped out at us, right away: healthcare and management track positions are the jobs you want in New York.

A word of caution regarding higher-tier healthcare jobs:  medical school and advanced training represent an extremely significant investment of time and training. This typically means starting your career under a debt burden not reflected in these statistics.

Read on for the full 25 in a sortable chart.

The 25 Highest Paid Jobs in New York

Here’s a sortable table of the top 25. We’ve pulled out the number of currently occupied positions, how common these jobs are in New York (per 1,000 jobs), and the mean annual salary.

Anything else on here surprise you?

Job TitleTotal EmployedJobs Per 1,000Average Salary
Anesthesiologists and Surgeons2,9100.33234,130
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons6200.071212,630
Chief Executives18,5702.108205,560
Obstetricians and Gynecologists2,4000.273196,290
Family and General Practitioners2,2000.250187,140
Internists, General2,0900.238179,730
Marketing Managers12,3901.406177,090
Financial Managers37,9404.306175,020
Sales Managers18,0602.050174,600
Advertising and Promotions Managers4,3200.490172,720
Pediatricians, General2,4700.280170,400
Physicians and Surgeons, All Other40,1804.561167,210
Dentists, General8,3100.943164,030
Nurse Anesthetists1,4300.162158,970
Computer and Information Systems Managers25,0202.839157,360
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents56,8306.450152,860
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers5,7900.657150,390
Compensation and Benefits Managers1,6000.182149,800
Architectural and Engineering Managers6,6700.756146,700
General and Operations Managers146,05016.576141,500
Training and Development Managers2,5300.287139,130
Law Teachers, Postsecondary2,2800.259136,910


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