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These 5 Hudson Valley Companies Are Getting Paid to Hire You

These five Hudson Valley companies pledge to create good local jobs for millions of dollars in tax credits via the Excelsior Jobs Program.

This year, companies competed for upwards of $70 million in corporate tax credits and $150 million in Capital Funds. To qualify, each had to create a minimum number of jobs in New York or invest significantly in expanding their operations.

Twenty-eight corporations in the Hudson Valley made the cut; here are five of the top job producers.


Credit: Regeneron

Credit: Regeneron

Tarrytown’s own Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the best places for Hudson Valley biotech researchers to work. Within the last two years alone, they’ve been named one of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For, taken the fifth place spot in Forbes list of most innovative companies, and topped the Science Top Employers Survey.

They’ve approved products in the field for several serious medical conditions and over a dozen in clinical development. This July, they announced a joint venture with Sanofi to help human immune system effectively fight cancer.

Available positions are heavily STEM-facing, naturally, but there are a number of support positions available in administration, and maintenance.

United Natural Foods

If you’ve purchased organic products from Whole Foods, Safeway, or any of 40,000 outlets nationwide, you’re already familiar with United Natural Foods. Rare for companies of their size, however, UNFI is an exemplary practitioner of John Elkington’s triple bottom line – measuring success on economic, social, and environmental metrics.

(The standard approach is to ‘externalize’ the environmental or social costs of any given business activity, which is accounting speak for ‘stick the taxpayers with the check’.)

UNFI’s network of seven distribution operations in the US and Canada employs an estimated 7,300 people across thirty-three hubs.

You can set up a job alert and be first to know when new jobs open up with United Natural Foods.

Raymour & Flanigan

Central New York’s own Raymore & Flanigan needs no introduction. From its origins as a two-man operation in post-WWII Syracuse, the Goldberg brothers expanded throughout New York, then the Northeast, and finally nationwide.

Today, the company earns over $1 billion in annual sales from ninety-five locations and a massive online presence. There’s always work to be done, with available positions in all aspects of the business.

Crystal Run Healthcare

Crystal Run Healthcare is well-known throughout the Hudson Valley and lower Catskills, offering services at thirty locations. They’ve the size and variety to offer healthcare workers a range of employment options – a company with 350 providers and forty medical specialties is one with a lot of room for growth and specialization.

(Impressively, Crystal Run’s founder and CEO – Dr. Hal Teitelbaum – is an MD, lawyer, and MBA. You really don’t see that every day.)

Acorda Therapeutics

Another Westchester company, Acorda is focused on development of improved treatments for neurological conditions. From “two employees and a vision”, Acorda has grown to a respected player in medical research and product development.

Their unique culture encourages employees to connect directly with patients and directly experience what their work contributes to improving quality of life.



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