Clinical Supervisor

Minimum Education
Master's Degree
Minimum Experience
5 Years
Job Category

General Purpose:
Coordinates clinical activities of assigned clinic in Addiction Psychiatry Service (APS). This includes coordination of services, intake/admission/orientation procedures, access and any direct care related issues, and program development. Provides supervision to clinical, medical (when appropriate) and intake staff. Chairs case conference meetings. Represents assigned clinic to some Department of Psychiatry committees and the community, and fosters referrals for the program. Assumes teaching and direct clinical care responsibilities. Works with APS Clinical Coordinator to ensure smooth and cost-efficient program operations. Works with Department of Psychiatry Quality Assurance/Utilization Review Administrator and APS Clinical Coordinator to implement QA/UR monitoring within assigned clinics. Reports to the APS Clinical Coordinator.

Age Range Served:
• Pediatric
• Adolescent
• Adult
• Geriatric

Specific Responsibilities
Administration (20%)

Clinical Operations (10%)--E
• Serves as member of Addiction Psychiatry Program Management Team and other committees as assigned, and serves as Chair of treatment team meetings.
• Prepare, track, and plan for changes in census and patient services in assigned clinic.
• Maintains a working knowledge of Finger Lakes Region chemical dependency and MICA treatment services, self-help groups, and other services, and referral for these programs. Ensures that clinical staff members maintain competency in relevant areas of chemical dependency and MICA treatment, and maintain knowledge of referral sources, and eligibility and treatment requirements for other facilities.
• Perform chart auditing and coordinate incident reporting procedures. Coordinates program evaluation/Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement activities including incident reviews with Clinical Coordinator and Quality Assurance Administrator.

Liaison (5%)--E
• Ensures effective liaison with other program components within Addiction Psychiatry. Ensures continuity of care for patients within APS, and adequate information and communication flow for patients needing more than one Strong Recovery service.
• Represents assigned clinic on Department of Psychiatry committees as assigned. Represents assigned clinic within the Department of Psychiatry, to achieve effective liaison with other programs in the Department and continuity of care for patients who may be in more than one program within the Department of Psychiatry.
• As directed by the Clinical Coordinator of APS operations, the Clinical Supervisor may represent APS to outside agencies, including county and other governmental agencies, the Region II consortium of chemical dependency treatment providers, other treatment providers, and regulatory agencies such as OASAS and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO).
• Supervises clinic staff’s maintenance of communications with other health care professionals, in order to provide continuity of care for the patient.

Program Development (5%)--E
• Develops and implements policies and procedures for assigned clinic. Assists Clinical Coordinator and other members of management team with development of other written policies and procedures for Addiction Psychiatry Service.
- Assists the Clinical Coordinator in new service development, including needs assessment, grant or proposal writing, interagency planning, community liaison, regulatory review, and new service implementation. Participates in strategic planning for APS, involving the advancement of vision for the program within the Department of Psychiatry and within the community at large.

Supervision: (20%) E
• Directly supervises clinical staff in assigned clinic, including orientation of new staff. Supervises the development and implementation of specific chemical dependency treatment goals for all patients in assigned clinic. Monitors implementation of policies and procedures in assigned clinic. Makes hiring and termination decisions regarding clinical staff.
• Serves as primary consultant to other direct service clinical staff. Sets the tone for an integrated approach to the treatment of patients who have both mental illness and chemical dependency. Coordinates urgent care, access to treatment, special arrangements and complicated cases’ needs.

Clinical: (60%) E
• Provides direct clinical care and plays a leadership role in the clinical teams, providing a mixture of intake interviews, and individual, group and family treatment, according to individual interest and program needs. Designs appropriate therapeutic treatment plans with clearly defined treatment goals, and follows through with the course of treatment. Assesses successful completion of treatment goals, and plans termination of therapy accordingly. Completes and maintains patient charts, and other required documentation of services rendered. Communicates with referral sources, including legal and criminal justice representatives, at critical points in treatment.
• Mobilizes family and natural support networks when necessary, and assumes a leadership role in the multidisciplinary team approach to treatment, case management, training, and community interventions.
• Subscribes to the Department’s goal of creating a culturally competent environment by treating patients/families, trainees, research subjects and co-workers in a sensitive and caring manner with appropriate attention to cultural differences. Participates in available cultural competence events and trainings.

• Masters Degree in a human services discipline required.
• New York State or National Credential/Certificate in addiction-related specialty.
• Five years related of combined clinical and supervisory experience, including both chemical dependency experience and specific MICA treatment experience.
• Requires New York State CASAC.

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