Epic Bridges/Cloverleaf Developer

Employment Type
Minimum Experience
5 Years

Project Overview:
The client is a large health system that recently upgraded to 2017. They are now putting several satellite locations on the health system that are not currently on Epic onto Epic. That initiative will require their full-time staff working at max capacity and one contractor to help out on the integration development.

Job Duties:
The consultant hired will be responsible for implementing new interfaces between Epic and the satellite locations. They will be building H7 interfaces mostly in Cloverleaf. The resource will be setting profile variables, developing the integration maps/engines, testing and then ultimately assisting with the go-live support.

From a technical perspective the consultant hired needs to be certified in both Cloverleaf and Bridges. They must be Cloverleaf Level 2 at a minimum. They also need to have Bridges Certification 2017 NVT. Specifically, the consultant should have experience with Cloverleaf TCL and Xlate.

The consultant hired should have 5+ years of integration experience specifically within Bridges and Cloverleaf. Strong communication and documentation skills are required as this person will be working remotely and primarily through Webex and conference calls.

Required Skills
Epic Bridges Certified
Cloverleaf Level 2 Certified

Job Type

How to Apply

Apply Online

Using the employer's application

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