St. Paul, MN

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



An enthusiastic and professional Engineer who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.

Project Management:

• Demonstrated ability to handle projects and make sure successful achievement
• Easy dealing with the executive staff, problematic clients and the production groups
• Self-belief in my capability to direct a separate team of individuals performing on project, making sure not only that a project is accomplished, but that a project team is able to perform as a interconnected team
• Maintaining client relationships by offering strong significant management and keeping an eye on demands that had earlier been avoided
• Able to manage efficiently and effectively

Technical Skills

• Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, HPUX, IBM AIX, Linux, Windows Servers (2000, 03, 08)
• Software: VERITAS Volume Manager, VMware, Virtualization, Exchange Servers, Clusters(HAC)
• Networking and Security: Extensive knowledge in TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP; DHCP, DTrace SNMP and IPv6; SNMP; Load balancing, custom balancers, LDAP, GPO, Kerberos, SSH (SSH v1, v2 and OpenSSH), Kerberos 5, LAN/WAN security, VPN and Firewalls
• Hardware: Cisco routers, Cisco switches, scanners, Servers (IBM, Sun Oracle, HP and Dell) Printers, HP plotters, Firewall, and Ethernet Switches, Fiber channels; Storages (IBM, Comvault, EMC, NetAp, HP and Sun)
• Programming/Scripting: Automation and maintenance tasks, Perl, Apache, PHP, Tomcat, , python, Shell scripting (Korn, Bash, Bourne)
• Database installation (Oracle ,MySql)
• Configuring Cisco Systems
• Virtualization{VMware EsXi 4.x and 5.x,Vmiontion etc)


Wellsfargo Bank, Minneapolis, MN April 2012 to August 2012
System Administrator (UNIX Enterprise)
• Remediation
• Patch management
• SAN Storage migrations
• Part of the team that managed over 30,000 Unix servers
• Provisioning user access following company standards, procedures and Information Security best practices

Network Executive Software, Maple Grove, MN March 2010 to March 2012
Sr. System Admin
• Support and administration of the company's Microsoft Exchange 2003/2010
• Support and administration of a virtualized system(VMware EsXi 4.x and 5.x v).
• Install and configure UNIX systems.

• provisioning user access following company standards, procedures and Information Security best practices
• Marinating office telephony and VoIP by use of element management system (EMS)
• Install and configuring Cisco routers and switches
• Security hardening of systems from any intrusion
• Active directory Support in windows and Unix
• Anticipate, mitigate, identify, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware and software problems on UNIX systems.
• Participate in, support of capacity planning and the development of security on UNIX systems
• Perform data backups and restores,
• Support application development teams throughout project lifecycles.
• Monitor, test, and tune system performance; preserve and provide system log files as needed.
• Patch management on UNIX systems in order to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance.
• Conduct research on Unix-related hardware and software in support of procurement and system development efforts.

Key Projects Participated & Accomplishments:
• Successfully implemented a virtual systems running Linux, Exchange 2010, Solaris and a webserver on Bugzilla and test link

MC Consulting Technology, Crystal, MN November 2009 to March 2010
Support Engineer / System Admin
• Upgrading HP, Sun and IBM Servers. Installation and Patching of Sun, HP, Dell, IBM servers
• Performing change management, Break fix and maintenance of servers.
• Installing and racking new servers and de-installing old server at Various Client sites

The Symphony Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya January 2008 to August 2009
Senior Systems Engineer
• Projects designs, implementations and management.
• Effectively performed as the primary client contacts for many projects.
• Support and administration of AIX/Solaris/HPUX/Linux
• provisioning user access following company standards, procedures and Information Security best practices
• Initiating and performing change requests
• Support of mission critical Systems at client sites (Banks, Telecom)
• Planned and performed preventive maintenance services on mission critical Servers
• Team lead in various projects and mentoring junior engineers
• VERITAS Volume manager implementations at various Client sites.
• Data Centre Management
• Due to my in-depth knowledge and professionalism our firm was able to sign contracts with 3 major cooperate clients in Kenya

Key Projects Participated & Accomplishments:
• Successfully implemented a Project at Kenya Power & Lighting in Nairobi comprising Sun M8000 Server running on Sun Solaris 10, SAP and Oracle
• Successfully implemented a Project at Kenya Airways in Nairobi comprising 4xSun M4000 Servers in Sun Solaris 10 and NetAP storage with Oracle
• Successfully implemented a Project at Safaricom Remote site in Nairobi comprising a Sun Blade T6000series
• Successfully implemented a Project on Sun Thin client at United States University Library in Nairobi
• Support of sun systems at the United Nation Offices in Kenya
• Installation, commissioning and implementation of IBM Blade Centre running on Linux platform for Econet wireless Ltd
• Successfully implemented a project on IBM P595, P570 servers and DS 8400 storage running on AIX platform for Econet wireless Ltd
• Successfully implemented a project on IBM P595 running on AIX platform at Safaricom Ltd
• Successfully implemented a project on 4xSunfire 4440 Servers running Linux and oracle database then replicating with DR site at Nairobi hospital Nairobi

The Copy Cat Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya September 2003 to December 2007
Technical Supervisor (Team Lead)
• Team leader of 15 technicians.
• Project designs, implementations and management.
• Co-ordination of field operations and initiating and performi...

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