Boston, MA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering September 2007 - May 2010
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Probability and stochastic processes, Fundamentals of Computer Engineering, Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing,
Computer Architecture, Mobile and wireless communication, Digital signal processing using MATLAB, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing Using MATLAB.

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering May 2003 - May 2007
Easwari Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, India

Sepaton, Inc., Marlborough, MA February 2011-Present
Software Engineer

Key Contributions to the Engineering Escalations Team

 Created scripts and closely worked with development teams to address specific issues with the de-duplication software
 Triaged cases to determine the root cause and to provide a quick work-around or a comprehensive solution for issues seen
with live Customer systems.

Other roles & responsibilities

 Worked closely with the Quality Assurance(QA) team to verify and qualify scripts for deployment in the field
 Worked as a part of the tools team creating scripts and adding enhancements to existing ones to improve performance and add new features
 Provided training sessions to teams from Sepaton and HP (Hewlett Packard) on different topics related to the de-duplication software
 Created technical documents for new hires to help learn and understand the working of the de-duplication and replication software

The Mathworks, Natick, MA
Design Automation Developer January – August 2009

Key Contributions in the Embedded IDE Links Team

 Consolidated the demos into a single instance for use across various DSP, microprocessors etc.
 Enhanced the functionality of existing demos and added new features using MATLAB programming

Other roles & responsibilities

 Performed Quality engineering, which included writing and improving test scripts to check functionality, and to aid in the
verification of demos, testing/debugging codes ported to Blackfin/TI Processors from MATLAB.
 Generated code to create handles for communicating with embedded processors from Texas Instruments, Analog Devices
and Green Hills Multi. Debugged and helped bash the product to eliminate bugs

Northeastern University, Boston, MA October 2007 – March 2010

Proctor (Part – time)

 Ensured safety of hall residents by maintaining the front desk, disciplining and managing all front desk activities


Operating Systems Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows Vista/7, UNIX, Mac OS
Programming/Scripting Languages MATLAB, C, C++, SQL, HTML, Bash/Shell, Perl
Computer Hardware Intel 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor, Intel 8051 Microcontroller
Applications/Tools Microsoft Office Suite, Simulink, MATLAB GUI


 Certificate course on the basics of the Blackfin ADSP BF535 Embedded Processor, a course which included embedded C programming in VisualDSP++ for use on the Blackfin BF535 embedded processor May – July 2008

 Diploma in Information Technology, a certificate course on the basics of different programming languages including C, C++, Java, SQL conferred by National Institute of Information Technologies, Chennai, India June 2005 - August 2006ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Tracing Axons and Neural Dendritic Trees in Confocal Microscopy Image Stacks

 Designed an algorithm in MATLAB to automatically trace and detect neurons and axons in a dense neighborhood in confocal image stacks (Brainbow images), and detect bifurcations in the neuron trace if any
 The technique implemented involves the importance sampling of points generated at every step of the neuron traced by the algorithm, and the use of mean-shift clustering algorithm to detect the direction of propagation and branching of the neurons

Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Home Networking
 Created a home network involving the use of a Multi-Hop mesh network
 Implemented a proposal which involved the use of shortest path algorithms, bandwidth allocation, IP configuration, RFID devices and integrated them the system with a view to optimize in terms of efficiency, technology and cost
Branch Predictor
 Designed a 2 bit counter conditional branch predictor simulator using a prediction algor...

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