New York, NY

Position Desired

Physician Assistant
New York, NY


I am looking for an opportunity to obtain a position as a Physician Assistant, to apply my knowledge and experience, advanced professional and personal skills, to provide an effective contribution to a medical team environment.

Con Edison (Prime Staffing), New York, New York September 2010-November 2010
Physician Assistant – Occupational Health (temp)
Working at Occupational Health department, conducting DOT and World Trade Center Physical exams. Ordering standard tests and reviewing results. Providing referrals to specialists and to PMDs for continuity of care.

Doshi Diagnostic ( Epic Staffing ), New York, New York May 2010-September2010
Radiology- Physician Assistant- (part-time)
Working as a team with radiology technicians performing H&Ps - Patient’s Evaluation prior contrast for Risk factors, Pretreatment, and Medications. IV placements for procedures with contrast: CT scan, MRI, MRA. Contrast Administration. Patients’ Observation status post procedures, Follow up instructions and Treatment if necessary.

Queens Cancer Center of Queens Hospital (Guidance Stuffing) Jamaica, New York
Surgical Oncology- Physician Assistant-(temp-3 months) February 2010-May2010
Clinical: Histories & Physicals, Assessments & Plans. Addressing conditions involving Breast Oncology and GI tract Oncology. Clearing patients for surgical procedures. Pre-op Histories, Physicals, consents Pre-op orders. Discharge orders. Operation Room: Patients’ prep. Scrubbing in. Foley Catheters

AFAM Comprehensive Healthcare Medical Group, Brooklyn, New York August 2007- August 2009
Primary Care-Physician Assistant, Multi-specialty facility
Assessment and management of routine, urgent, and emergency visits. Working independently and under supervision of outstanding physicians, attending high volume of patients per day. Ordering and providing routine and diagnostic testing and procedures, following by treatment and patients’ education. Managing patients with chronic conditions including but not limited to: diabetes and other Endocrinology conditions, HTN, CAD, HF, COPD, asthma, allergies, Orthopedics, Hematological, Gynecologic, and Dermatologic conditions, etc. Providing professional guidance to the nursing staff and medical students.

East Tremont Medical Center, Bronx, New York October 2006- April 2007
Primary Care-Physician Assistant, Multi-specialty facility
Same as above position

St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers, April 2006 – November 2006
Mary Immaculate Hospital, Emergency Department, Jamaica, New York
Emergency Care-Physician Assistant-temp/ per diem
Assessment and Management of level 1-2 adult patients and Level 1-3 pediatric patients at Emergency Fast Track. Working independently and under supervision of outstanding supervising physicians, obtaining patients’ Medical Histories and performing Physical Exams. Ordering and interpreting radiological and laboratory diagnostic studies. Performing minor surgical procedures; providing initial treatment for Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENT cases. Providing professional guidance to the nursing staff and medical students.

Queens Long Island Medical Group, Queens, New York November 1994 – August 2003
Medical Assistant at Multi-specialty facility
Assisting medical doctors in Primary Care, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Allergy, Dermatology, and Urology.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Co., New York October 1990 - June 1993
Skin Care Consultant- Team Manager
Presentation and sales of the products, recruiting and training members of my team.
Kishinev Trading Co., Moldova July 1986- April 1989
Economics Specialist
Business Statistics and Operational Analysis, Immediate and Perspective Planning, etc.

Touro College of Health Science New York, New York December 2005
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major-Physician Assist...

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