Augusta, GA

Position Desired

Network Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Seeking a position as
Network Engineer
“Secret Security Clearance”

Military Markets / Outstanding Technical Abilities

Excellent Analytical Skills / Excellent Oral/Written Communication Skills


Over nine years of professional experience in signal communications, information technology, equipment maintenance, instructing, supervision, and operations management. A specialist in IT services including LAN/WAN that support the transport of voice, video, and data; Windows 7/Vista, XP, MS Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, VOIP, and Video Teleconferencing (VTC). Communications equipment knowledge includes SINCGARS (FM) radio systems, SPITFIRE’s (Satellite Radios), (FBCB2) On-board Navigation/Situational Awareness System, (COMSEC) Communications Security devices, and material.
Core Strengths:
➢ CCNA level Cisco switch, router skills, and basic ASA configurations.
➢ Trouble shooting network, server, and workstation issues with customers
➢ General Dynamics Taclane appliances Mini, E100, GigE and Micro versions.
➢ Red Hat, Windows, and Apple distributions daily operational maintenance and configurations.
➢ Knowledge of WAN and LAN networking, SAN, and NAS storage, disaster recovery configurations, backup, and recovery.
➢ Knowledge of Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange.
DRS Technical Services, Fort Gordon Battle-Lab 2009 – Present
Systems Analyst Journeyman
➢ Configures and maintains the use of static routes default routes, OSPF, EIGRP networking protocols, throughout the network.
➢ Upgrades router, and switch IOS via use of tftp software through CLI, monitors networking devices through use of situational awareness software; i.e. Solarwinds, What’s Up Gold, and Syslog programs.
➢ Installs and configures Cisco switches, routers and ASA appliances to connect distant sites across the United States and overseas.
➢ Configures hot standby flyaway networking and server kits for implementation of distant customers.
➢ Serves as Comsec custodian to 23 supported sites regarding Taclane Mini, E100, and Micro versions to ensure maximum availability and reliability.
➢ Responsible for Red Hat Linux installations and updates to participate in BLCSE experimentations, simulations, and exercises.
➢ Conducts daily maintenance on Cisco Call Manager solutions to support 23 connected sites via VOIP numbers and directory services.
➢ Installs and maintain Windows 2003 and 2008 servers, to include Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, and DHCP services to direct users.

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United States Army 1999 – 2009
Signal Support Systems Specialist 25U/30
➢ Senior-level supervisor directly responsible for daily job performance and training of over 150 employees
➢ Instruct military occupational specialty class, Signal Support Systems Specialist, to install, troubleshoot, and perform maintenance on manual and automated signal support systems, and terminal equipment
➢ Provide technical assistance in implementing information systems, deploying personnel, and operating dedicated computer systems
➢ Lecture and laboratory experience includes installing, operating, and maintaining manual and automated signal support systems terminal equipment, PC communications, LAN, computer utilities and software testing
➢ Accounted for 44 Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) Blue Force Tracking (BFT) equipment valued over $500,000
➢ Established Local/Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), installed and configured routers, desktop and laptop computers for over 50 users to include managing o...

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