Richland, WA

Position Desired

Safety Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (1988) – University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA
M. S. Mechanical Engineering (1982) – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
B. S. Mechanical Engineering (1977) – Regional Engineering College, Warangal, India


Professional Engineer (Idaho and Washington)
P. Eng. (Saskatchewan/Canada)
Project Management Professional

Career Interests Project Management, Engineering Supervision
Personal Self-motivated. Fast learner of new information and
Skills Analytical, Computational and Experimental (incl.
design and instrumentation of test facility)
Methods in engineering problem solving. Efficient
and effective in using resources.
Knowledge and Fluid flow and heat transfer (multi-phase and non
Experience -Newtonian). Engineering Systems modeling, scaling and
performance prediction. Slurry transport and mixing.
Stress analysis and vibrations. Transport phenomena of
air and water pollution.
Other Familiarity with codes and standards. Experience with
vendor selection, acquisition of critical equipment,
validating specifications, recruiting talent.


Bechtel National Inc, Richland, WA Senior Engineer (2008- Present)


Conducted extensive technical literature survey, reviewed and critiqued 20 technical reports of subcontractors (incl. PNNL). Issued challenging documents: Siphon design for hot radioactive liquid, Melter cover leakage through annular and radial flow passages, Sizing exhausters for off-gas, Sizing PSVs and PRVs, Overpressure analysis for vessels and off-gas system, Design of loop-seals, break pots, pumping traps. Reports: Off-gas Flammability. Regulatory Permit Documents: Leak Detection; Liner Heights. Other documents: P & IDs, Equipment specifications.

Himalaya Consulting, Chubbuck, ID President (2001-2008)


Provided consultancy for industries: Chemical, Food Processing, Heat Treatment, Testing (incl. non-destructive) and Measurement of Composite Properties. Other: Design of compact heat exchangers, isolation of vibration (due to two-phase instabilities in ammonia transport piping), Torpedo Drag reduction (for the Indian Navy) etc. Work involved proposal writing, developing physical and mathematical modeling of the system and performance simulation, refining specifications, helping clients with evaluation of bids for critical equipment and recruiting technical personnel, instruments selection, calculations based on experimental and computational studies, preparation of drawings, interim and final reports.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
(BHEL, Government of India undertaking) Trichy, India
Manager R&D (1978-1980)
Product Development Engineer (1977-1978)


Recruited and trained engineers, and guided their work through completion of the following projects within the budget and on time:

• 3-D Laser Doppler measurements for velocity and turbulence intensities
in turbine blade flows
• 3-D photo-elastic and holographic stress analysis of pressure vessel
• Performance studies on a 50-MW MHD generator with seeding
• Mathematical modeling and optimization of the parameters for micro-
machining of thin metallic and non-metallic objects using Nd-Yag and Nd-
glass lasers
• Computer codes for fossil and nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics
performance prediction
• Heat transfer in cooling of electric generators with liquid helium
• Design of ash handling systems for coal-fired boilers
• Design of utility boilers (per ASME code)

Supervised the following production related activities:

• Manufacturing of water wall tubes, super-heaters, re-heaters,
economizers, downcomers, utility boiler drums and seamless steel tubing
• Quality control and quality assurance of pressure vessel welds (incl.
radiographic, dye-penetration, ultrasonic tests)


Visiting Professor, GVP College of Engineering, India (2003-2006)
Founder, Measurement and Controls Research Center (2005)
Founder, Computer Software Training Center (2005)
Chief, Engineering Services, ISRT Inc. (2001-2003)
Pocatello, Id
Professor and Chairman, Mechanical Engineering and
Director, Heat Transfer Laboratory, Idaho State University (1994-2001)
Associate Professor (1991-1994)
Assistant Professor (1988-1991)


Started BS Mechanical Engineering and added Co-Op option. Guided the department for ABET accreditation visits. Recruited and evaluated faculty and technicians. With support from alumni and industry, built Heat Transfer Research Laboratory and coordinated interdisciplinary funded research. Chaired and served on several committees and task forces. Recruited, mentored and retained minority students. Supervised some 180 undergraduate Design Projects (most of which are in groups and involve prototype building and testing also), 20 MS and 5 doctoral theses. Taught graduate courses in mechanical, nuclear, chemical and environmental engineering. Completed several challenging projects including:

• Design of oxygen distributing nozzles in a blast furnace for special
alloy steel manufacturing
• Novel fluidized beds for sorting potatoes and other produce
• Oscillating fluidized beds for heat transfer augmentation
• Wind tunnel studies on transpiration rates
• Forced and free convection cooling systems for microprocessor wafers
• Cooling of electro-mechanical components
• Waste heat recovery systems for chemical processing industry
• Improved transport system for slurry (phosphate and coal)
• Design of incinerators (for pelletized industrial solid waste) for low
• Design of viscometers for rheological measurements<...

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