Phillipines, NV

Position Desired

Network Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



To obtain a position in a company that offers a variety of challenges, opportunities and career advancement. And where I can develop and enhance my knowledge and skills for personal, professional growth and to be able to have a positive contribution to this organization.


• Knowledgeable in GSM, 2G, 3G and UMTS (HLR,MSC, BSC,SMSC)
• Knowledgeable in WiMax Technology (Samsung & Motorola)
• Technical Skills per technology deployed (NSN BSS/RNC network, Ericsson RBS/RNC network, etc)
• Knowledgeable in different transmission facilities: Microwave Radios – Nokia Flexi, Ericsson Minilink, Nera, Fujitsu, Ceragon, Harris Stratex, Siemens SRAL, Alcatel, etc, IP Radios – RadRic Airmux, Exalt & Motorola, Optical & SDH Multiplexers – ECI XDM, Micro XDM, Huawei OSN2500/7500, Siemens DFON, Surpass Hit, Nortel OME 6500, Tellabs 6345, etc.
• Expert in Point to point and point to multi-point wireless communication using Motorola Canopy
• Excellent knowledge of Fault Management process and management
• Network Operations Business Understanding
• Expertise in LAN/WLAN Hardware and Software Set-up/Configuration
• Computer Knowledge both Hardware and Software
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications such Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and etc.
• Knowledge in other Computer Applications such as Autocad, Photoshop, Multisim, Protel DXP, Visual Basic and others.
• With excellent Interpersonal Relationship and good in Oral/Written Communication
• Total Quality Management
• CERTIFIED SMART SWEEP (Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program) Trainer
• Potential Leadership Qualities
• High Customer Focus
• Excellent Driving Skill (License No. C10-06-000158)
• Freelance Photographer


Company : Smart Communications, Inc.
Company Industry : Telecommunication
Position : Engineer
Duration : January 2006 – Present (5yrs and 5mons)
Duties and Responsibilities:

BSS/RNC/BTS/RBS Engineer (2009 – present)
• Performed Integration / Dimensioning/Re-homing of BSC3i and BSC2i
• Experience in BSC3i SW upgrade (S11.5 – S13) and CD upgrade
• Handled ATER and ABIS integration and definition and signaling link expansion.
• Participates in drive tests to check competitive benchmarking vs. other networks
• Performed first-line troubleshooting of BTS/BSC faults via MML
• Familiar with different BTS Parameters such as power, GENA, Handover Adjacencies, etc and performs modification to optimize the Network.
• Operations and Maintenance of Ericsson RNC and RBS
• Familiar with Ericsson RBS 3206 commissioning
• Alarms clearing of Ericsson RNC and RBS
• Familiar with the Ericsson environment especially HSPA RNC via AMOS & OSS Environment.
• Performance and Fault Management of Ericsson RNC & RBS using AMOS & OSS Environment
• Performing first line maintenance on low performing sites with low RRC Ericsson RBS
• Developed Emily Cable ATM to FE converter & vice versa
• Conducts transmission facility line up for IuB expansion
Broadband Engineer / Broadband Specialist (2006 – present)
• Planning, Monitoring and Reporting
o Network expansion implementation/monitoring
o Supervise SmartBro Contractors/Installers in North Luzon
o Developed Canopy Extender – wherein the SM was used as transmission backhaul for remote areas
o Developed GABOS (GPS Antenna Bridge as Overlay Support) – wherein additional APs (more than 7) were installed (with sync) via single CMM.
• Installation, Commissioning and Integration
o Installed and commissioned new SmartBro sites for commercialization using Motorola Canopy Equipments
o Installed and tested Value Added Applications for SmartBro like IP Camera, Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi Point Wireless Application, and other related areas.
• Training
o Team leads the Training, Accreditation and Rehabilitation of SmartBro Contractors/Installers in North Luzon
o Conducts outside training for Wireless Broadband Technology to Smart’s School/University Partners
• Continuous Improvement and Quality
o Dynamic in Total Quality Management (TQM)
Network Operations Center (2008 – 2009)
• Perform network surveillance and proac...

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