Waukesha, WI

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



 5+ years solid experience in MATLAB and worked in the area of signal processing, controls, design, simulations, automation statistical data analysis, device development algorithm development with graphical user interface for software development
 4+ years experience in SIMULINK in Electrical engineering for simulating and analyzing dynamic systems in controls
 3+ years experience in 3D CAD software like AutoCAD ,ProE, LS Dyna, ANSYS and used them for designing and simulation of device parts and instructor for AutoCAD
 2+ years experience in Minitab statistical software for the regression analysis,, analysis of variance ( MANOVA and ANOVA), correlation, chi-squared test, factor analysis, t-test, z-test,
 Expertise area in algorithm development and MATLAB scripting, design, device development, instrumentation, Automation (hardware interfacing, sensors, actuators), biomedical signal processing, bio-dynamics of human motion and vibration analysis
 Developed a biomedical robotic device for mimicking human slip
 Knowledge of Polymer like polyurethane, PVC, rubber and have used their visco-elastic, hyper-elastic and elastic properties for making finite element model and simulation for model validation
 Proficient in hardware interfacing of motors through microcontroller & supplied controllers
 Systematic and step by step experimental and simulation approach in the research projects
 Used techniques like wavelets, artificial neural network(ANN), FFT for data processing and analysis
 Team leader with creative and strong analytical, technical, organizational, problem solving, systematic, communication and management skills.

Technical Skill set:

Engineering Tools: MATLAB, Simulink, C, Labview, Minitab
Operation System: MS DOS, Win 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Redhat Linux
Language and Technology: MS DOS Batch programming, C, advance Java (J2EE), FoxPro, Visual Basic
Application software: MS office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, Project), Motion Analysis Cortex
Design Software: AutoCAD and ProE, Solidworks
Finite Element Analysis: ANSYS and LS Dyna
Microcontrollers: Atmel & Intel 8051, 8052


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, GPA: 3.92

Aligarh Muslim University, U.P., India
Bachelor of Science and Technology in Electrical Engineering, GPA: 8.25/10

Professional Experience:

Scan Arch Matlab Engineer at GE Healthcare, Global Headquarter, Waukesha, WI, USA (2012…)
 Simulation and modeling using Matlab and Simulink, and code generation for medical hardware devices
 Using Stateflow and developing the algorithm for the system analysis and simulation
 Developing system plant and control models for the simulation and device development purpose.
 Optimizing the developed simulation variables for efficient simulation
 Responsibility include developing, code,modeling, simulation, testing and documentation of design.

Graduate Researcher at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA (2010-2012)

Development of Biomedical Slip Simulator Tribometer capable of mimicking human slip
 Designed all the parts of Slip simulator Tribometer in ProE including stands, trolley, sensor attachment parts, foot attachment part, angle variation part and manufactured the parts in machine shop
 Installed the Linmot displacement controlled motors, controllers, power supply and implemented sensors, and actuators in the device
 Interfaced the Linmot motors using controller and motor controlling computer software
 Programmed the motors for biomechanical parameters( forces, displacements, slip sliding velocity profile) of human slip
 Synchronized and controlled the Linmot motors to mimic human slip
 Collected the hydrodynamic contaminant fluid pressure data underneath the shoe and friction data using pressure sensor, load cells, and force plate for validation
 Performed the hydrodynamic pressure analysis in MATLAB to generate the 3D hydrodynamic pressure profile underneath the shoe to identify the location of high pressure under the shoe
 Performed force data analysis in MATLAB for calculating friction between shoe-floor interfaces under different contaminant on floor.
 A poster presentation was presented at International Joint Tribology conference with title “The Effects of Shoe Tread and Fluid Lubricant on Shoe-Floor-Contaminant Hydrodynamic Lubrication and Coefficient Of Friction at Los Angeles, CA , Oct 23rd -25th 2011

Simulation of 3D shoe-floor rough surface model for hysteresis and adhesion friction calculation
 Developed a 2D computational shoe-floor friction rough surface model to simulate the human slip using Gaussian distribution in ANSYS
 analyzed the model using APDL programming in ANSYS by Finite Element Analysis for stress development, hysteresis and adhesion friction during the shoe impact on floor
 Involved implicit and non-linear surface to surface contact analysis
 Designed 3D shoe-floor rough surface model with asperities in AutoCAD & ProE and imported the model into LS-dyna for meshing and performing analysis
 Developed a 3D shoe-floor rough surface model with meshing and mesh refinement in LS DYNA and performing an explicit analysis
 Tetrahedral, triangular mesh, brick mesh and mesh refinement were involved
 Rubber, polyurethane, visco-elastic, hyper-elastic and visco-hyper-elastic non linear material models were involved in the study
 Explicit non linear surface to surface contact analysis was performed
 Analysis was focused hysteresis friction, adhesion friction, vibration, thermal stress, physical stresses, von-mises stress, energy dissipation an dynamic stiffness analysis was performed

Extensive analysis of conventional and light weight Jackhammers sponsored by Gas Technology Institute done with Consortium for Advanced Research in Gas Industries (CARGI)
 Analysis of Jackhammer vibration and operation vibration
 MATLAB algorithm was developed for vibration analysis using the ISO 5349 standard for hand arm vibration.
 Algorithm used the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and 1/3 octave analysis and finds the band of frequency critical for jackhammer vibration and the operator vibration.
 Developed algorithm for vibration dose of the operator and predicts the permissible hour’s operator can use Jackhammer safely. Third party software was also used simultaneously for the analysis.
 Analysis of grip pressure of the operator hand
 MATLAB Algorithm was build capable of analyzing more than 100s of data files at a time and analysis the ...

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