Position Desired

Sales Engineering
Tenafly, NJ



A Sales Management and/or Research & Development position in high tech. products/services that will effectively utilize my acquired expertise in chemical engineering and entrepreneurial qualities in business.

Technical: Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University, specializing in Polymer Science, Textile and Fluid Transport. Innovative and self-motivated, with exceptional oral and written communicational skills and work experience in product research & development, experimental analysis, performance testing, scale up, manufacturing process, optimization and cost analysis.

Business: More than 20 years of experience in business development, manufacturing and sales, with a business mind that quickly grasps new ideas and transforms them to revenue generating opportunities through new product/service offerings. A team player with exceptional leadership qualities and an ability to delegate responsibilities while supporting and developing employees to excel in both sales and customer service.

B. S., The Cooper Union, Physics, 1976
M. A., Princeton University, Chemical Engineering, 1977
Ph. D., Princeton University, Chemical Engineering, 1981

1976-1981: Research Fellow -Textile Research Institute, Princeton, NJ.

Surface Characterization Of Fibers And Fluid Transport Through Fibrous Substrates

• Designed different experimental instruments to study physical and chemical characteristic of fiber surfaces
• Created a mathematical model to predict such behaviors as liquid penetration, absorption and flow through fibrous substrates and performed experimental tests to confirm the model.
• Presented research results to TRI management and their corporate sponsors, technical conferences and published articles in many scientific Journals (see PUBLICATIONS).

Fundamental Polymer Studies
Many physical and mechanical properties of amorphous polymers show anomalous behavior at a temperature above their glass transition temperature, which could not be explained previously. My independent research studies showed this to be a transition temperature caused by response of the molecules from coiling-uncoiling (elastic rubbery behavior) to slippage (viscous flow behavior). My studies have had an immense impact not only academically, but also on the industry in many areas, such as processing, extrusion and molding of plastics (see PUBLICATIONS).

1981-1984: Research Director, Product Development - Celanese Plastics and Specialties Co.,
Summit, NJ.

• Formulated and developed a plastic product called “High Impact Nylon” to compete with steel’s impact strength. This product has now replaced steel use in many areas, such as the automotive, performance pipes, irrigation, and recreation industries, due to its superior chemical corrosive resistance, lower weight and processing cost. This product was responsible for turning company’s Nylon business from losing money to profitability.
• Conducted experiments with different elastomers and additives to achieve proper formulation and cost goals
• Executed various performance tests to measure and optimize product properties
• Analyzed various processing factors to establish optimum manufacturing parameters
• Met with prospective customers to tailor product to their needs, and expanded product line to include reinforced fiber glass for higher modulus (rigidity) and mineral filled (sand) for lower cost
• Communicated results to management and sales associates through technical reports and oral presentations

1984-2000: Owner/Operator, High Fashion Retail Stores - Collezioni Fashion Inc., 5th Ave. NY

I started the business by purchasing a small store in 1984 to provide employment opportunities for family members (7 brothers and sisters) who had recently immigrated to this country. We successfully expanded to multiple stores in the NY metropolitan area, with a 15,000 square foot flagship store on 5th Avenue. Total sales increased to over 10 million dollars/year by providing the latest in designer fashions and lower cost through development and sale of private label clothing. Managed all aspects of the business including, but not limited to, purchasing, product development, merchandising, sales, advertising and customer service.

1995-2005: Owner/Operator, Manufacturing and Wholesale Business - Style Collection Inc.,
7th Avenue, NY.

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