Nashua, NH

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Senior Software Engineer
Software Design | Software Test | Process Improvement

Robert can do pretty much anything anyone can throw at him. If he doesn't know how to do it now, he will figure it out and have it done shortly. He is also a team player. He can be on my team anytime.”
- James Bratina, Senior Principle Systems and Software Test Engineer, Fisheye Software

Innovative, Detail-Oriented Software Test Engineer highly adept at software testing for existing products and new products. Very flexible and can pick up any tool or process within days. Current SECRET security clearance.

Technical & Specialized Skills

CASE TOOLS: Apex, ClearCase, Doors, Rational Rose, Visual Studio,
SQL Server
PROGRAMMING: Ada95, C/C++/C#, Borland Pascal, Fortran, Java

Professional Experience

Sr. Software Engineer 2001 – 2011
Performed Software Verification, Development and Maintenance for the XBR, THAAD and AN/TPY-2 XBAND radars. Included analyzing requirements, performing preliminary and detailed design, updating the code, unit, integration, regression and verification testing and updating relevant documentation. Testing included analyzing software requirements for testability, creating test objectives, test cases and test procedures, running the test cases with and without the hardware in the loop and then documenting the test results.

Key Accomplishments:
Communications: Worked efficiently with both collocated and distributed colleagues using a number of mediums including email, IM, telephone and face-to-face meetings.
Flexibility: Very flexible in order to get the tasks done, included working nights, weekends and off-hours. This allowed all the Formal Qualification Testing to be completed on time to satisfaction of the customer, resulting in 90% plus award fees.
Leadership: Mentored both college hires and experienced engineers on the process, tools and domain.
This allowed these engineers to be productive right away instead of the usual 6 month to 12 month lag time and saving the company between $40K and $80K per engineer. Also took the lead in creating the test cases for test group and being point of contact for team matters and team representative on the Software Review Board, Requirements Reviews, Design Reviews and Code Reviews.
Teamwork: Collaborated with other system users (System Test, System Integration, Software Integration, Software Development, Software Verification) in resolving issues that they had running the system. This allowed those users to determine if it was a problem with their own setup or was a problem with software.
Development: Updated the Radar Simulation Software (RSS) to support complex new algorithms, such as Coherent Integration, Enhanced CFAR and Cloud Processing and implementing new messages and protocols (UDP) resulting in software passing Formal Qualification Testing.
Maintenance: Investigated, fixed and documented hundreds of Software Trouble Reports (STRs) resulting in software meeting the customer expectations for functionality and performance.
Testing: Created, updated and executed unit, integration, regression and verification tests for the software units that I worked on. This verified that code was 100% path, 100% statement tested and met all the applicable requirements.
Process Improvement: Created a more efficient RSS delivery process, using Raytheon Six Sigma process resulting in a savings of 16 man-hours per build.
Scripting: Created DOORS DXL (Based on C++) scripting to create reports, which linked the requirements to the test objectives to the test cases to the test procedures. These reports made it more efficient reviewing the test plans and creating the Requirements Traceability Matrix. Also created and/or modified Perl and MATLAB scripts to support testing objectives. These scripts allowed functionali...

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