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Software Engineering
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PLEASE NOTE: If you're a recruiter please do not present me to any client without my consent.

Please accept my resume for your consideration. I’m a full stack internet developer with over 15 years of experience with technologies like Coldfusion, Railo, Mura, MySQL and Postgresql. Recently I’ve been working with technologies such as Twitter Bootstrap, Adobe Captivate, and Mura CMS. I’ve worked in a variety of industries in active development, training and support roles. I’ve worked independently and in teams on web applications of all sizes and in a variety of industries. I welcome the opportunity to learn how I can add value to your organization.

I’m fully insured, offer flexible terms and have offices in Golden, CO and West Palm Beach, FL. Currently I'm pursuing projects working with web development, Mura, Coldfusion, multimedia development and e-learning initiatives.

Coldfusion & Mura CMS / Interactive E-learning Multimedia Developer

Recent Training:
Java Essential Training - March 2015
Learning Management Systems - June 2015
Adobe Captivate 8 Advanced Techniques - May 2015
Blueriver's Mura training course and Muracon - 2011
JQuery - Advanced Techniques - May 2015
Adobe Edge Animate Essential Training - April 2015
Responsive Design - Twitter Bootstrap: Version 2 & 3 January 2015

Mura CMS Experience:
Customized themes (for new and converted sites) using responsive design principles
Advised & directed other web developers on Mura development, workflow and site architecture
Confident working with Mura iterators, custom class extensions and streamlining custom CFML code development in local theme’s contentRenderer.cfc
Created and published a series of end-user Mura “how-to” movies and a series of Mura Programming 101 movies on Youtube

Recent Accomplishments:
Upgraded multi-functional web application from Coldfusion 8 to Coldfusion 11 with zero downtime
Integration of Bootstrap into web pages for mobile-ready apps to avoid costs of developing web only / mobile only code versions
Edge Animate and Adobe Captivate movie integration into Mura CMS
Converted internalServerReporting.php to Coldfusion to allow direct capture of Captivate quiz data
Custom application development for Denver area construction company - converted entire business operation to a custom Coldfusion application from spreadsheets. Improved auditing capabilities, enhanced purchasing and saved thousands in overruns due to improved reporting. Executed and responsible for all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle

Coldfusion Summary:
Analyzed, designed, implemented and tested all elements of Coldfusion based systems. Extensive development utilizing Fusebox, Model-Glue, Framework 1 (FW/1) and other OO Coldfusion frameworks. Architected and built web applications around the current search engine algorithms to enhance rankings and search engine placement results. Created advanced site logging & user tracking applications that enhanced site security and integrated with site tracking and statistics reporting tools. Coordinated deliverables, clarified and finalized requirements, and managed integration, testing and deployment. Built numerous systems in Coldfusion that communicated between non-connected databases (Query of Query, WDDX), RESTful web services, externally available systems via text files and dynamically generated XML code.


Software Development Summary
• Successfully produced all facets of a professional internet application - site architecture, SEO, Coldfusion development, story board/prototype design, UI design, requirement gathering/specification, HTML/mobile template layout, database design/normalization and connectivity, SQL, graphics, multimedia application, streaming content, asynchronous communication, client/server side scripting, analysis, design, implementation, testing and regression.
• Skilled in advanced Coldfusion programming techniques with more than 18 years of web application development and Coldfusion experience.
• Re-designed, re-architected and maintained one of USWest's (now CenturyLink) largest corporate intranet web site that supported almost 900 UNIX and NT servers and workstations.
• Developed from scratch, a first-of-a-kind, completely dynamic data driven investment
web site built with Coldfusion integrating Investor's Business Daily data, SQL Server
and IIS.
• Developed, tested and implemented multiple generations of multimedia, server and
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