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Houston, TX

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Chemical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Experience: Chemical engineer with over 30 years’ experience with Exxon, Honeywell, ABB, and process design companies in process control, APC (advanced process control), multivariable control, batch control, project management, process engineering, process simulation/modeling, operator training simulators, refinery blending & optimization, distillation in refining and petrochemical environment.

Skills: Honeywell DCS (Experion, TDC3000), ABB DCS (800xa MOD300, Masters), some exposure to other DCS (Emerson DeltaV, Foxboro, Yokogawa Centum), Aspen DMC, HMI, Graphics, DCS/computer programming (Fortran, C++, Visual Basic, CL, TCL, VAX/VMS), SIS, NIR analyzers, Aspen Hysys, PRO II, Oracle/SQL Server databases, PFDs/P&IDs, LIMS, VMWare virtual servers, Microsoft Office, accounting systems (EPICOR, SAP), Six-Sigma certification.

Work Experience

Exxon Research and Engineering Company, New Jersey (1981 – 1993)

Senior Engineer -- Designed and implemented APC (advanced process control) applications for various refinery units (crude distillation, catalytic cracking, reforming, alkylation, desulfurization, etc.), including multivariable (DMC) and model-based controls. Provided process control support, trained engineers and operators. On-site assignment for 2 years at an Exxon refinery for advanced process control applications using Honeywell TDC3000 control system.

Modeled, simulated, and evaluated new process control schemes for normal plant operation and upsets. Developed custom operator training simulators interfaced to DCS; trained operators to control and operate plants safely and efficiently during normal operations and upsets; installed computer systems (VAX) and simulator DCS hardware (Honeywell, Yokogawa) at client locations.

Provided distillation consulting to chemical plants and refineries. Was involved in simulation (with SimSci Process and company programs), troubleshooting, improvement studies, tray sizing, and design of distillation and absorption columns. Developed simulation models for columns with simultaneous reaction and distillation. Developed a mainframe computer program with powerful features for simulation, design, and optimization of distillation columns to be used by Exxon engineers worldwide.

ABB, Houston and New Jersey (1993 – 2006)

Senior Principal Consulting Engineer - Project Manager and Lead Engineer for refinery blending/APC (advanced process control) projects for all stages of project management – benefit studies, cost estimation, proposal, contract, scheduling, design specification, procurement, design, supervision, coordination, site installation, plant tuning, plant trouble-shooting, commissioning, site acceptance test, and training.

Team Leader for design and development of company’s new software application based on Windows platform for gasoline/diesel blending and optimization in refineries that was far superior to similar vendor products. Work resulted in highly acclaimed and successful execution of several blending projects, excellent customer feedback, conference presentations, and journal publications. Projects included gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil blenders using Honeywell TDC3000, ABB Industrial IT, ABB MOD300/Master DCS with interfaces to Tank Information Management Systems (TIMS), Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), NIR analyzers, and Oracle databases.

DCS engineering/process control work for Dow Chemicals using ABB Industrial IT DCS.

Designed, implemented, and commissioned very successful APC (advanced process control) strategies for various refinery process units, crude distillation units, and ethylene plants. Control schemes included multivariable (DMC), model based, and DCS loop based controls.

Developed operator-training simulators for ethylene plants; used off-line steady state simulation (SimSci PRO II) of ethylene plants. Simulated DCS control algorithms on VAX/VMS for various process control systems (Honeywell, Yokogawa, Fisher, ABB, etc.).

Designed, coded, and implemented DCS programs and UNIX based blend optimizer for a completely automatic operation of a gasoline blending unit with on-line economic optimization; commissioned plant to meet stringent guarantees.

Honeywell Process Solutions, Houston, TX (July 2006 – May 2012)

Senior Principal Project Engineer - consultant for refinery advanced solutions group: Involved in Blending and Movement Automation applications (BMA Release 300 – 400 on Experion PKS Release 300 - 400) --- Experion Blend Controller (EBC), Open Blend Property Controller (OpenBPC),Blend Instruction (BI), Offline Optimizer integrated with related applications (Blend, Blend Management, Inventory Monitor, BRC, BPC etc.). Obtained Six-Sigma certification.

Projects involved extensive control systems work in Experion PKS DCS (Release 300-400) --- system con...

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