Orlando, FL

Position Desired

Civil Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Highlights of Qualifications
Educational Institution: Birmingham University, Great Britain
• MSc in Mathematics
• M. Eng. in Operations Research & Management
• PhD in Transportation Engineering/ Applied Operations Research
• Postdoctoral Fellowship
• Professional Engineer (PE) license holder in States of Arizona, and Michigan, USA.

Work Experience Highlights
• Managed several transportation and traffic engineering projects.
• Head of Traffic Eng. Department, Tehran Traffic Organization; amount of staff: 35.
• Prepared technical and commercial tender proposals for traffic modeling, transit ridership, toll roads, on-call consultancy services, and ITS projects.

Traffic Modeling and Analysis
• Developed Travel demand and traffic simulation models at the macro, meso, and micro levels for the Greater Treasure Coast Region, Florida, Tri-County, Michigan, the Riyadh Metro Line 1 and 2 corridors, Highway Network of Jeddah, and several subareas in Phoenix using TransCAD, CUBE, VISUM, and CORSIM modeling platforms.

Traffic Engineering
• Managed traffic engineering analyses for selecting the most appropriate intersection control type and interchange design options in Jeddah, Doha and Al Ain using HCS, SYNCHRO, and HCM.
• Conducted Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) for large residential, commercial and employment developments in conjunction with the Phoenix rezoning and General Plan amendments.
• Designed and managed the installation of traffic control devices at the first all directional interchange in Tehran based on MUTCD.

Financial Modeling of Transportation Infrastructure
• Toll Roads: Developed methodology and a prototype model for High Occupancy Toll Lanes and managed Traffic and Revenue Forecast Studies, Florida, USA.
• Infrastructure Financing Plans, Phoenix, USA: Developed Street Impact fee Plans.

Employment History
June 2014 – Present
C&M Associates- Orlando, Florida, USA, Project Manager
• Manage projects and Orlando Office
• Project manager for the Central Florida Regional Planning Model calibration process.
• Project manager for the “West Bay Parkway Traffic and Revenue Forecast Study.”
• Contributed to the “Wellness Way Parkway Traffic and Revenue Study.”
• Prepared scope, schedule, and budget for traffic and revenue Forecast studies.

January 2011 – June 2014
AECOM Middle East Limited, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Senior Transportation Engineer/Modeler
• Implement and manage transportation/traffic engineering and modeling studies at the regional, corridor, and subarea levels.
• Develop transportation models and oversee sub area traffic model developments.
• Traffic manager during the construction period of Riyadh Metro Line 1 and 2 corridors and developed a mesoscopic assignment model in VISUM for evaluating the construction impacts.
• Created a four-step travel demand modeling process in VISUM for the Jeddah Highway network which was used in multiple planning and design projects.
• Implemented traffic analyses for evaluating and selecting the most appropriate intersection control types using the developed Jeddah model, HCS, and SYNCHRO.
• Project manager for the highway, intersection, transit ridership, and supply/demand analyses of the planned road network, Metro, and LRT lines in the Abu Dhabi Capital District development area.
• Implemented several transportation modeling studies, using the CUBE based Abu Dhabi Strategic Transportation model; Mussafah Industrial Region, Metro, etc.
• Created a VISUM sub area model of six major intersecting arterials in Al Ain and managed the development of an evaluation and selection toolkit methodology based on operational measures of performance, efficiency, and construction cost for several option sets of underpass/ bridges.
• Managed and implemented traffic analyses of interchange design options for the New Orbital Highway and Truck Route in Doha, Qatar.

January 2006 – November 2010
The Corradino Group, Louisville, KY, USA; Transportation Modeler/Engineer
• Develop travel demand models using TransCAD and CUBE.
• Apply travel demand forecasting techniques and procedures to transportation problems.

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