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Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Assistant Research Scientist at the College of Engineering,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Cell Phone: 302-384-3929


1. Served as a co-PI in 2 active (externally funded) and 4 previous grants
since 2008
2. Received “Excellence in Review Award” from the editorial board of the IEEE
Journal of Oceanic Engineering in May 2010
3. Published 40+ peer-reviewed articles (35+ as the first author) including 12
journal papers - some of the articles are highly cited
4. Co-supervised a total of 2 PhD students, 2 MS students & 2 senior
undergraduate students
5. Served as a control & systems sessions judge at UM Graduate Symposium, 2009-
6. Served as a reviewer for national and international funding agencies and
scientific journals
7. Collaborated closely with research engineers at UM-ARC, US ARMY TARDEC, US
8. Directed a fuel cell/gas turbine HIL simulator facility development at the
Phoenix Memorial Building, University of Michigan, $400,000 (NEEC, ARC),
9. Fabricated in-house planar/spatial parallel robotic manipulators, Univ. of
Delaware, $200,000 (NIST), 2001-2002.


* Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, DE, 2005.
- Dissertation: Cable Suspended Robots: Control approaches and applications
(Advisor: Prof. Sunil K. Agrawal)
* M.Sc. in Mechanical & Intelligent Systems Engineering, Pusan National
University, South Korea, 2009
- Thesis: “Nonlinear Observer and Control Design for Engine RPM Control
(Advisor: Prof. Jae-Weon Choi)
* B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University, South Korea,


08/08-pres. Assistant Research Scientist, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Univ. of Michigan 08/06-08/08 Research Associate, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Univ. of Michigan


Current: Modeling, analysis, and control of hybrid electrical power systems (fuel cell-gas turbine, CHP, plug-in HEV); Modeling and integration of an on-board fuel reforming processor to fuel cell APU systems; Cable-suspended robot-assisted rehabilitation; Hardware(Software)-In-the-Loop simulation, rapid control prototyping & experimental validation

Past: Kinematic & static analysis of cable-actuated parallel robots; Control of idle speed & air/fuel ratio (A/F) for IC engines; Hierarchical control for a rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (RUAV) autopilot for hovering, landing, point-to-point maneuvers; Way-point tracking control of underactuated marine surface vessels.


Assistant Research Scientist at the College of Engineering, University of Michigan 08/08-present
* Involved in collaborative work with PEEI (Pittsburg Electric Engine Inc.) to
develop mathematical model & control algorithm of turbocharged SOFC engines
for mobile applications in military ground vehicle, commercial heavy-duty
highway truck, and ship propulsion.
* Directed the instrumentation of a 5kW turbocharged fuel cell engine hardware
simulator, developed to investigate the technical feasibility of
commercializing a turbocharger and SOFC combined hybrid system and to
facilitate the system level control research. This is a jointly sponsored
research project by US Army TARDEC and US Navy NEEC program.
* Conducted a collaborative work with Alion Science and Technology Company for
a jp8 fuel reforming modeling and simulation with an emphasis on a hydrogen
storage and desulphurizer volume sensitivity analysis.
* Developed a motor/generator dual mode fuel cell-micro gas turbine system
equipped with an energy storage device (battery) to address the transient
issues such as fast part-load and fuel starvation.
* Wrote over 6 research proposals submitted to funding agencies and served as a
co-PI in 6 funded research grants
* Involved heavily in interdisciplinary research and collaborated with UM
faculty from mechanical engineering and naval architecture & marine
engineering; also collaborated with affiliated faculty at Automotive Research
Center, Univ. of Michigan.
* Collaborated closely with research engineers from US Amry TARDEC fuel cell
research team (Warren, MI).

Research Associate, Dept. of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering,
University of Michigan, 08/06-08/08
* Responsibilities include mentoring graduate students, developing model-based
control algorithm, planning the experiment.
* Build MPC with constraint enforcement capability for ship maneuvering in
seaway while satisfying seakeeping constraints
* Led the autonomous model ship development project in a close collaboration
with research staff and engineers in MHL (Marine Hydrodynamics Lab). A
various ship path following algorithms – such as model predictive control,
backstepping, dynamic surface control, were successfully demonstrated on the
test bed in a UM MHL towing tank.

Research Assistant, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems Laboratory, University of Delaware, 07/01-05/06
* Kinematic and dynamic modeling of dual-stage spatial cable-suspended robots
* Experimental facility setup of vertical planar and spatial cable-driven
robotic manipulators
* Flight control for autonomous landing of a helicopter on a rocking ship in
collaboration with Prof H. Pota in Australian Defense Force Academy (ADFA),

Research Associate, Samsung Aerospace, Power Systems Research Center, South Korea 05/00-07/01
* Conducted a frequency response test for a gas turbine fueling system
* Tested a control logic on a single-shaft micro gas turbine prototype
* Simulated a digital engine electronic controller (DEEC) on HILS platform.

Research Assistant, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Guidance, Navigation, and Control Laboratory (GNC Lab), Pusan National University, 08/97-08/99

* Built an integrated automotive engine and transmission simulator using
* Developed the idle-speed and air-fuel ratio controller for IC engines


Journal Paper

[J15] Oh, S. R., Jing Sun, "Performance Evaluation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Engines Integrated with Single/Dual-Spool Turbochargers", Vol. 8, No. 6, 061020, IEEE Transactions on Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 2011.
[J14] Oh, S. R., Jing Sun, "Optimal Transient Load Foll...

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