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Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Seeking System Architect/Technical Lead/Web development Senior Consulting position in software engineering, web application, hardware/software integration, embedded software, simulation software, software configuration control, software trainer, system administrator, and software test integrator areas.
• Over 25 years in building large-scale, mission critical, real-time and web application software system.
o Many years of excellent leadership experience in system development
o A few years of teaching software engineering in both academic and corporate environment
o Several years of profession in Architecture, and System Analysis and Design
o A few years of system administrator duties
• Expert knowledge and skills in C/C++, Data Modeling, and Architecture Design
• Excellent skills with Java and Java Script
• Experienced with parallel and multi-threaded processing
• Project Management Leader, competent with planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and problem solving; familiar with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile
• Behaved as a role model for the team, strong leadership, effective communication, self-motivated, and disciplined
• Created, updated, and review of formal and informal documentation through documentation life cycle phases
• Other roles included Independent Integration and Test (II&T) engineer, validation and peer reviewer, mentoring, create automated test scripts, software test conductor, “tiger “ team member for software conflict resolution,
• Department of Defense (DoD) Secrete Clearance (current)


Programming Languages C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Java Script, Shell Scripting, Ada83, Fortran, Assembler, Perl, Python, HTML, SQL, Matlab, JOVIAL, Pascal, SCCS, makefile, SED, RegExpr, AWK, source code control
Operating Systems Solaris, Linux, Windows, VMWare, Oracle VM VirtualBox, custom embedded system, VAX/VMS, Data General, HP, VxWorks
Design and Architecture OOA, OOD, OOP, UML, Design Patterns, Agile, Database Server, Data Modeling

West Valley Staffing Group 2011 - present
Contract Software/Systems Engineer

Space System Loral (SS/L)
• Spacecraft Simulation Group on modifying and developing Dynamics Spacecraft Simulator (DSS) for both heritage and next generation commercial spacecraft.
• Developed course outline and taught Object Oriented Programming using C++ to new hires and seasoned employees.
• Worked on developing test scripts for Analysis and Planning
• Designed and developed an intermediate server between two software packages (DSS and Payload simulation)
Lockheed Martin Space Systems 1986 - 2011
Senior Staff Engineer Software/Systems

Defense Metrological Space Program (DMSP) Flight Software (FSW) and
Software Configuration Manager (SCM)
• Lead Engineer to develop Software Source Control for an embedded software through software development life cycle
• Help developed requirements for Gyroless Yaw Estimate (GYE) Software after reviewing Hardware Specifications and Interface Control Documents, Subsystem Engineering Memos, and Simulation Software
• Interfaced with Component Engineers, and Subsystem Engineers on a regular basis to resolve software interface and performance issues
• Completed Technical Operating Report (TOR) and detailed design manual for an embedded software using object oriented analysis and design techniques to create and presented to the Customer
• Developed assembly code (SCP-234) patches and completed peer review with the Subsystem Engineers
• Performed and completed integration and Final Qualification Testing (FQT) of the GYE Software
• Assisted Attitude Determination & Control Subsystem (AD&CS) engineers to learn heritage software to resolve GYE software issues
• Rapidly developed process to verify operational feasibility of installing GYE software to the on-orbit DMSP spacecraft
• Implemented GYE Software for four DMSP on-orbit satellite
• Flight Software (FSW) patch and Engineering Change Notice (ECN) documentation on current on-orbit five DMSP spacecraft (F14, F15, F16, F17, and F18)
• Updated and maintenance changes on formal released documentation, System Analysis Report (SAR)
• Independent Integration and Test Engineer using custom simulator scripting language
• Software Configuration Management for both FSW and Ground Software
• Designed utility routines in Fortran, Perl, C-Shell, Java, HTML (with JavaScript), and Microsoft Excel to help reduce development, testing and analysis time on UNIX Sun Solaris and Windows XP operating system
• Support spacecraft integrations of components during assembly both for Flight Software and Software Configuration Management
• Designed and tested using SharePoint 2007 as a database to generate and track software problem reports
• Maintained software database in FileMaker Pro web server
• Streamlined, designed, and implement processes to reduce human error and turn-around time of software development and maintenance through analysis and software tools automation
Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Geo Pointing and Control Assembly (PCA) Integration, Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)
• Reviewed software requirement to develop test scripts for formal acceptance of software requirements
• Developed “gold” standard template for writing test scripts to reduce human error, automate testing, and debug test scripts
• Tested on PCA hardware to verify multiple processor boards communicating via reflective memory, 1553, and RS-422 bus.
• Verified requirements and negative testing of PCA hardware and software via test scripts and electronic instruments (for example programmable oscilloscope, digital multi meter)
• Interfaced with Component Engineers, Subsystem Engineers, and Program Manager on a regular basis to resolve interface and schedule issues
• Performed formal peer review of test script verification of requirements and negative testing
• Developed C++ code utility routines to expedited verification
• Analyzed Ada95 PCA software in Rational Apex compiler with ClearCase configuration control
• Mentored junior engineers on a regular basis to achieve good software design practices and encouraged them to develop simple and efficient scripting to obtain a quality product
Space Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) Test Bed Simulator
• Design and Developed some of the AEHF specific changes to heritage test bed software
• Worked with a group of Engineers to make the design and testing modification
• Attended subsystem meeting with vendor and customer to discuss vendor documentation limitation for Earth Sensor Assembly (ESA)
• Made change to heritage code in C++ and Fortran

Advanced Technical Company (ATC) Internal Research a...

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