Computer Engineer

Houston, TX

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Houston, TX


P: 615-974-3332

Tennessee Technological University | Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with Minor in Mathematics
| Masters of Business Administration
Yokogawa Corporation of America • Engineer • Sugar Land, TX
• Work with sales department to provide detailed conceptual engineering design of advanced software packages to customers, project teams, management and non-technical staff. Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills
• Travel to customer sites to provide technical support through programming, training and software installation pre- and post- product launch, demonstrating the ability to react, analyze and adapt to customers’ needs
• Design and deliver automated solutions, utilizing Windows PowerShell and Visual Basic toolsets to monitor events, alert customer of problems, create logs and communicate system successes and failures
• Generate and edit HTML/CSS pages on web server for small/medium scale clients using Adobe Dreamweaver
• Lead or participate in individual and team sales calls, customer presentations, and problem-solving missions at customer's facilities recommending software to customers explaining how such software will increase productivity
• Develop company intellectual property through creation of technical documentation on software programming, design and installation. Documented, analyzed and understood business and technical boundaries.
• Responsible for networking and configuring CISCO ASA 5510 firewalls, PCs and other network enabled devices
• Create and edit queries in SQL for database administration like backups, data manipulation, shrinking /expanding
• Create, network, and maintain virtual images using VM Ware, VirtualPC and VirtualBox, converting as needed
• Demonstrate excellent troubleshooting & analytical skills along with outstanding written and communication skills
Edgenet • Software Engineer • Brentwood, TN
• Coded, maintained, tested and supported projects through their software development lifecycle
• Generate proprietary Java/C++ code necessary to create content and rule definitions to support the m2o® software making search and pricing algorithms more capable and efficient
• Navigated complex data structures and XML schemas using mapping and editing tools.
• Programmed and edited code using Eclipse IDE on a Debian based Linux distribution
• Managed initiatives through major milestones with ...

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