Summerville, SC

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain an entry level full time job within an engineering area of study that specializes in computers/ electrical designs, software programming, or IT.
Skills Summary
 C/C++ Programming
 Oscilloscopes/Multimeters
 Embedded Systems
 Microsoft Visual Basics/Eclipse
 Testing/Debugging Code
 PCB Layout Designs
 Microsoft Office
 Microsoft Project
 NI Labview
 PIC 16F/Adruino
 Software Algorithm Development
 SPI/SCI/USB/I2C/UART Interfaces
 Altera/Quartus II
 Multisim/Pspice
 MatLab/Simulink
 Software/Hardware Designs
Relevant Project Experiences
Programming Projects
 Digital Logics Coursework [Fall 2010]
o Designed the schematics of logic blocks with VHDL on Quartus II software to create a dual-tone project that included a mouse driver and an LCD display that displayed anything that my group needed to be visual to the viewers.
 Data Structure using C++ Project [Spring 2011]
o Designed a ping-pong game using C++ language and the DarkGDK gaming software kit. My main duties of the team was being the algorithm developer and utilizing Microsoft Visual.
 Microprocessors Project [Fall 2011]
o Implemented code in C and Assembly Languages to embed them inside a Freescale HCS12 microcontroller to display necessary information on an LCD and using the code to control the speed and direction of a stepper motor.
o Designed code in C and C++ and embedded them inside a Microchip PIC 16 bit series microcontroller. Completed projects that would light LEDs to specifications, LCDs would display what is needed, and wrote a programs dealing with DAC and ADC.
Internship Experience
 Senior Design- Turf Tec International [August 2011-August 2012]
o Main objective of the product development was to design an instrument for a company (Turf-Tec International ) that will measure the softness of the turf that athletes perform on to prevent concussions and major injuries. Main job duties included being the software developer, electrical schematic designer, and team secretary. Responsibilities included writing code that could read in data from a GPS module (EM 406) and send the data to an LCD, store the data onto a data logger that the user can pull up as a spr...

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