Los Angeles, CA

Position Desired

Sales Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Progressive thinking Technical Sales Manager with broad experience in engineering, management, marketing, sales, manufacturing and finance. Proven track record of success and ability to grow and improve companies.
Innovative leader with high level of integrity, with intense focus on logical problem solving and practical tactic implementation. Technically educated and practically experienced. Envelope pusher, coach.


Advertising and PR Copywriting
Business Plan Structure and Writing
Cost Accounting and Cost Analysis
Manufacturing Optimization/Lean/5S
Marketing Tactics and Implementation
Pricing Strategies and Optimization
Project Management: Manufacturing
Sales Strategy and Action Plans
Sales Force Management and Training
Website Structure / Design / CSS Implementation


>Solid history of successful sales growth, process improvements, consulting, and entrepreneurial pursuits

>Sales Growth: Average annual growth rate of 17% in diversified manufacturing environment. Persistent and consistent pursuit of new opportunities and product implementation.

>Business Development: Acquired new income business with large Aerospace OEMs (Eaton, Embraer, Rolls Royce) by aggressive pursuit, intelligent engagement and consistent follow up.

>Strategic Planning / Shifting: Currently shifting marketing and manufacturing focus from military to commercial and industrial due to aerospace market changes.

>New Business Start Up: President of DDP spin-off company, Text Display Concepts. Purchased and imported European LED signs for distribution sales in the U.S.

>Business Consulting: Three successful endeavors aimed at helping small businesses in need of marketing and financial coaching and tactical strategy implementation.


Manager, Sales and Marketing
Precision Tube Bending Inc., Santa Fe Springs CA 2010-Present

Manufacturer of metallic tubing assemblies for industrial and aerospace industries

>Led effort in adding new OEM customers Eaton, Embraer and Rolls Royce. Anticipated potential new income is $2-4M annually. Aggressively pursued and followed up to gain business.
>Streamlined sales and marketing process and increased efficiencies by analyzing and eliminating poor performing low margin distributors.
>Increased business with Cessna by 30% in two years through focused bid and quote process. Visited customer engineers and business managers to match capabilities to needs.
>Currently leading effort in diversifying from military to commercial / industrial business to avoid future fallouts from military and defense budget cutbacks.
>Responsible for all sales and marketing tactics and strategic planning and implementation.
>Domestic travel to expand current high margin business and to pursue diversified business.
>Managed company market analysis, competitive analysis and sales trend analysis, leading to key strategic shifts and marketing changes.
>Lead role in bid proposal and contract admin., including pricing points and LTA negotiations.
>Engineering advisor on production flow and manufacturing technique, including Lean and 5S.

Sales and Marketing Manager
Hydra-Electric Co., Burbank CA 2007 - 2010

Manufacturer of stainless steel pressure switches, industrial and aerospace

>Solved major problem with government procurement and rating system by analyzing shipping and receiving data from DSCC (25% of business), and implementing proactive procedure changes.
>Managed 18 regional sales offices and inside sales staff. Integrated and tightly meshed inside sales staff with outside sales force to strengthen “team selling” approach, increasing revenues.
>Developed and taught new Inside Sales Training Program. Resulted in increased job satisfaction, reduce uncertainty and reduced quote errors. Estimated to have resulted in $100K savings
>Advertising and website copy writing resulting in increased business and exposure.
>Trade show and newsletter management resulting in rising market share and revenue boost.
>Conducted outside sales calls with key customers and sales offices in US and overseas.
>Key role in new product development and engineering design, due to customer knowledge.

Sales Manager
Celesco Transducer Products, Chatsworth CA 2002 - 2007

Manufacturer of electro-mechanical measurement transducers

>Developed new industrial automation distributor network in the Mid West, resulting in increased sales and market penetration in that vital region.
>Average annual revenue growth of 17% during my tenure, resulting in the highest revenue total in the history of the company
>Penetrated into the large crane and lift business by adding the Port of Los Angeles as a customer. Resulted in $500K new business annually, with future growth inevitable in that industry.
>Managed 12 regional sales offices, with over 25 total sales reps. Traveled to sales regions to train sales reps on more effective sales techniques, resulting in large revenue increases.
>Supported engineering and new product design development for OEM applications.
>Closely involved with product cost and pricing analysis to ensure high margins.
>Responsible for company’s sales forecasting: “bottom’s up” forecast using sales reps’ forecasts.

Technical Promotions Engineer
CSR Inc., Corona CA 2000 - 2001

Manufacturer of engineered structural building products

>Developed new strategic plan for marketing to engineering firms, including conducting marketing and engineering seminars to private engineering firms.
>Delivered over 40 technical presentations to large engineering and design groups, resulting in increased market exposure and sales revenues.
>Designed and printed new technical and marketing materials for marketing to engineering firms, including brochures, instructional Powerpoint presentations and e-mails.
>Acted as consulting engineer during project design and installation, adding mechanical engineering expertise and guidance as required per job.
>Served as outside technical and engineering sales person during critical bids and events.

President / Product Marketing Engineer
Text Display Concepts / Data Display Products Inc, El Segundo CA 1996 - 2000

Manufacturer of custom LED lighting products

>President (by promotion) of DDP owned distribution company, Text Display Concepts. Managed import and marketing of Irish made LED signs in the US market, including partnership negotiations.
>Negotiated pricing and volume discounts with manufacturer to ensure high margins. Negotiated contract and LTA agreements to do business with and outside Europe.
>Management of 25 manufacturers’ sales representatives in 10 ...

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