Waukesha, WI

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



 5+ years solid experience in MATLAB and worked in the area of controls, signal processing, statistical data analysis, device development algorithm development with graphical user interface for software development
 4+ years experience in SIMULINK in Electrical engineering for simulating and analyzing dynamic systems in controls and worked in GE Healthcare for system modeling, simulation and code generation
 Expertise area in algorithm development and MATLAB scripting, design, device development, instrumentation, Automation and electromechanical systems(hardware interfacing, sensors, actuators), biomedical signal processing, bio-dynamics of human motion and vibration analysis
 Proficient in hardware interfacing of motors through microcontroller & supplied controllers
 C and Java knowledge for the software development with software and hardware troubleshooting
 Systematic and step by step experimental and simulation approach in the research projects
 Used techniques like wavelets, artificial neural network(ANN), FFT for data processing and analysis
 Team leader with creative and strong analytical, technical, organizational, problem solving, systematic, communication and management skills.

Technical Skill set:

Engineering Tools: MATLAB, SIMULINK, Real time workshop (RTW), C, Labview, Minitab
Operation System: MS DOS, Win 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Redhat Linux
Language and Technology: MS DOS Batch programming, C, advance Java (J2EE), FoxPro, Visual Basic
Application software: MS office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access), Motion Analysis Cortex
Design Software: AutoCAD and ProE
Finite Element Analysis: ANSYS and LS Dyna
Microcontrollers: Atmel & Intel 8051, 8052


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA
Master of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering, GPA: 3.92/4

Aligarh Muslim University, U.P., India
Bachelor of Science and Technology in Electrical Engineering, GPA: 8.25/10

Professional Experience:

Scan Arch MATLAB Engineer at GE Healthcare, Global Headquarters, Waukesha, WI, USA (2012…)

 Working on development of an integrated system model and code generation for deployment in hardware for Beam control project, using MATLAB and SIMULINK, in CT scanner program
 Developed complex system and thermal models for the simulation in SIMULINK
 Integrated model for simulation was developed
 Triggers were implemented in the different blocks using triggered subsystems in SIMULINK
 Algorithms were embedded in models to control and coordinate between different models and simulations were performed for different test parameters in SIMULINK
 Optimized the developed models for efficient simulation and for code generation
 Currently integrating the model for generating code for deployment in hardware device.
 For making model realistic, analyzed data was collected in the CT scanner bays for project
 Stateflow tool was used for implementing and developing the algorithm for the system analysis and simulation
 Developed different systems plant and control models for the simulation and device development purpose.
 Developed close loop control subsystems in the project using SIMULINK
 Built S-functions blocks for project in SIMULINK
 Responsibility includes modeling, simulation, testing, code generation and deployment, development and documentation of design.
 Using IBM rational Clearcase for storing model s and coordinating with different groups
 Learned the basic understanding of IBM rational Raphsody for FMEA

Graduate Researcher at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI, USA (2010-2012)

Development of Slip Simulator Tribometer robot capable of mimicking human slip (Thesis project)
 Designed all the parts of Slip simulator Tribometer in ProE including stands, trolley, sensor attachment parts, foot attachment part, angle variation part and manufactured the parts in machine shop
 Installed the Linmot displacement controlled motors, controllers, power supply and implemented sensors, and actuators in the device
 Interfaced the Linmot motors using controller and motor controlling computer software
 Programmed the motors for biomechanical parameters( forces, displacements, slip sliding velocity profile) of human slip
 Synchronized and controlled the Linmot motors to mimic human slip
 Collected the hydrodynamic contaminant fluid pressure data underneath the shoe and friction data using pressure sensor, load cells, and force plate for validation
 Performed the hydrodynamic pressure analysis in MATLAB to generate the 3D hydrodynamic pressure profile underneath the shoe to identify the location of high pressure under the shoe
 Performed force data analysis in MATLAB for calculating friction between shoe-floor interfaces under different contaminant on floor.
 A poster presentation was presented at International Joint Tribology conference with title “The Effects of Shoe Tread and Fluid Lubricant on Shoe-Floor-Contaminant Hydrodynamic Lubrication and Coefficient Of Friction at Los Angeles, CA , Oct 23rd -25th 2011

Extensive analysis of conventional and light weight Jackhammers sponsored by Gas Technology Institute done with Consortium for Advanced Research in Gas Industries (CARGI)
 Analysis of Jackhammer vibration and operation vibration
 MATLAB algorithm was developed for vibration analysis using the ISO 5349 standard for hand arm vibration.
 Algorithm used the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and 1/3 octave analysis and finds the band of frequency critical for jackhammer vibration and the operator vibration.
 Developed algorithm for vibration dose of the operator and predicts the permissible hour’s operator can use Jackhammer safely. Third party software was also used simultaneously for the analysis.
 Analysis of grip pressure of the operator hand
 MATLAB Algorithm was build capable of analyzing more than 100s of data files at a time and analysis the grip pressure of 25 sensors on operator hand for measuring grip pressure.
 Developed MATLAB algorithm helped finding location in palm where the grip pressure was reaching higher value during the Jackhammer operation
 EMG Analysis of 12 different muscle of the operator
 MATLAB algorithm was developed for analyzing muscle activity and fatigue for 12 different EMG muscle activities in the muscle during the jackhammer operation.
 Leading, lagging and mean moving window RMS techniques were used and frequency analysis was performed finding the fatigue in the muscle.
 International and journal paper is...

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