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Danbury, CT

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Systems Engineering
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UTC Aerospace Systems • Danbury, Connecticut
Systems Engineer, June 2010 – Present
Provided systems engineering to spacecraft attitude and control components such a star trackers, magnetic torque rods and magnetometers. Ensured compliance to several customer specifications of attitude components for both DOD and NASA programs. Created Verification Matrices and provided analysis of accuracy performance from error budgets. Supported several proposal efforts providing basis of estimates (BOE’s). Interfaced and presented technical briefings to customers during Ship Readiness Reviews (SRR), Test Readiness Reviews (TRR’s), Technical Interchange Meetings (TIM’s), etc.
• Supported the delivery of 30 HD-1003 star trackers as well as two next generation GR-1004 systems.
• Provided test support and data analysis of Quaternion spike fix software patch for NASA SWIFT satellite.
• Member of transition team which transferred over technology and programs from Ithaca to the Danbury Facility
• Co-Leader of Relentless Root Cause Analysis (RRCA) Team
• Co-presented Lunch and Learn on the DIVE process

Lockheed Martin Corporation • Arlington, Virginia
Systems Engineer, October 2008 – May 2010
Systems engineer member of the Architecture and Systems Engineering Integrated Product Team (IPT) for the Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) element of Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS). Supported Link-16 interfaces such as the Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI) in addition to updating documentation to the Interface Description Document (IDD). Worked with several IPT’s to provide metrics and compliance status of requirements and system capabilities to senior engineering and management.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation • Albuquerque, New Mexico
Test Engineer, August 2005 – December 2006
Conducted testing and analysis of experiments aimed at studying the effects from directed energy (lasers) onto focal plane arrays (FPA). Aligned and built optical test bed for a new tunable laser lab. Lead operator of tunable pulsed laser and conducted all high powered testing for several AFRL programs. Supported test demonstrations to the customer demonstration lab capabilities. Worked with continuous wave (CW) and pulsed lasers from the UV to the Short-Wave IR spectrum.


New Mexico State University • Las Cruces, New Mexico
Research Assistant, Jan 2007 – August 2008
As a research assistant with Electro-Optics Research Labs at NMSU, I worked with an Acoustic Optical Tunable Filter (AOTF). Collected spectral measurements and analyze data with MATLAB as well as explore future modifications and adjustments for system improvement. Wrote scripts in Matlab to allow for hyperspectral analysis of multiple image-cube files in both the visible and infrared AOTF Camera Systems. Restored and documented calibration methods of Mid-IR AOTF Camera System for research.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory • La...

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