Kalamazoo, MI

Position Desired

Safety Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Engineering Leadership position


Assertive staff system engineer with 25 years experience from concept planning to production

Extensive experience in technical, people, and program management leadership of cross functional groups

Consistently met extreme deadlines and implemented high-impact, cost-reduction ideas and solutions

Demonstrated high level of innovation - 47 US patents issued

• Boss Kettering Awards

{Boss Kettering - highest technical award for inventions used for production along with significant cost and strategic advantages}

2003 - Integrated Remote Start System - Profit potential 130M by MY2008 and $230M annually thereafter

2002 - Logic Ignition Sensor / Power Mode - Annual savings of $19M since 2007, warranty avoidance $8M

• President’s Council (1996) - Eliminate stalls in GM vans (low cost solution) - Warranty reduction of $1.5M

• Special Achievement (1996) - Electrostatic Charging (ESC) of low rolling resistance tires
Developed test method, modeled, and defined requirements resulting in significant cost avoidance

• Extraordinary Achievement (1991) - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) test procedure
Determined electronic component ESD sensitivity - $2M savings (1991) and $12M annually thereafter


• GM - 45 issued and 16 in Process; 24 Tool Methods; 18 Research Disclosures

• Eaton - 2 issued and 6 in Process; 14 Trade Secrets

• Nexteer - 10 Provisional patent filings; 1 Trade Secret

Elec. Pwr. Steering
• ASIL memory partition architecture, systematic diversity and Program Flow Monitoring (PFM) strategies

• Dual clutch transmission control module reference voltage, inputs and outputs control fall back architecture

Electronic Controls
• Electronic Transmission Control Module infrastructure, inputs and outputs safety architecture

Safety methods
• Safety architectures / methods, and safety DFMEA / certification methods for modules and distributed systems

• Multiple microprocessor infrastructure safety architecture strategies
Hybrid Electric

• Distributed cell voltage and pack voltage / current, balancing and temperature encoding strategies

• Plug-in HEV charger safe command and response strategy

Chassis Control
• Distributed chassis control system safety and failure mode remedial action strategies

• Active front steer, active braking and active damper control and inertial sensing safety strategies

ETC and Torque Control safety interaction strategies
• Cylinder deactivation, drag control, conventional / adaptive cruise, power take-off control architecture and

• Throttle air flow learning and residual processing, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) actuation diagnostics

• Accelerator pedal and throttle sensor technology, architecture, and diagnostics remedial actions

Vehicle Strategies
• Integrated remote vehicle start

• Ignition switch architectures and vehicle system mode determination

• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) system safety verification methods

Ternary Controls
• Ternary state inputs and architectures for both safety and non-safety control mechanisms

Nexteer Automotive Systems, Saginaw, MI - Staff Safety System II Strategist (6/11 - 9/12)
Develop microprocessor Built-In Self Tests (BISTs), EPS program flow with ASIL B and ASIL D memory partition strategies

• Gross margin savings of $500k (minimum) by in-sourcing development of memory partitions, systematic diversity, program flow strategies and lock-step microprocessor diagnostics development
• Developed I/P proposal to potentially save $400k from $1.1M for all records of invention life costs

Eaton Vehicle Group, Galesburg, MI - Staff Safety System Specialist (12/07 - 11/10)
Led and guided groups to develop safety metrics, and safe electronic control designs for truck transmissions

Knowledgeable about safety standards (IEC 61508, MISRA, etc.) and Eaton’s voting representative for ISO 26262 (07/08 - 12/09)

• Identified and classified truck transmission system hazards for Safety Integrity Levels (SIL levels)

• Strategic guidance for multiple dual-clutch transmission teams from a system safety perspective

• Collaborated with cross-functional team members to develop low-cost TCM electronic safety architecture

• Reviewed draft ISO 26262 safety standard with safety team for consensus based Eaton vote

Eaton Vehicle Group, Galesburg, MI - Staff Lead Architect (1/10 - 4/11)
Develop E/E common module hardware architectures for multiple programs to reduce Engineering Design & Development costs

• Technically led 5 groups and developed a common module architecture used for 4 diverse programs

• Conservative potential Engineering Design and Development (ED&D) savings of $4M - $10M

GM Hybrid Electric Storage Systems (HESS), Warren, MI - Staff Safety System Specialist (6/07 - 12/07)
Led and guided groups to develop safety methods, metrics and electronic control system safety strategies for HESS systems

• Led technical and management agreement for Li-ion hybrid battery safety process and preliminary safety case
• Enhanced expertise of dielectric mechanisms, electronics and microprocessors failure modes

GM Vehicle Controls, Milford MI - Staff Safety System Strategist - Drive-By-Wire (8/04 - 6/07)
Led groups to develop safety methods, metrics and strategies for ESC including steering and suspension control

• Led 4 cross-functional groups to develop safety metrics for Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems

• Technical design leader of Supervisory Control Module (SCM) microprocessor infrastructure strategies

• Consulted and designed specific SCM distributed control system safety strategies

• Developed safety control system strategies for hand wheel and inertial sensor, and active front steer module

• Technically led 4 component suppliers to design and verify components to meet safety criteria

• Mentored safety system engineer, trained control strategists to develop safety strategies

GM Powertrain, Milford MI - Staff Systems Engineer - Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) (2/...

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