New York, NY

Position Desired

Medical Technician
New York, NY


Military Recommendation Letter Upon Request

To obtain a position as a Medical Assistant that will enable me to use my skills and ability to work well with others
U.S Airforce (Medic/EMT) 06/2009 – 02/2011
• Respond to emergency calls from various individuals who are in need of immediate care
• Distinguish and triage the degree of illness or injury and demonstrate priority of needed emergency care
• Render pre-hospital emergency medical care of simple and multiple traumas
• Safely operate the ambulance or vehicle used for emergency in accordance with the current motor vehicle code and state laws
• Stock and maintain the BLS vehicle and its contents in a state of readiness at all times
• Documenting run sheets (legal medical documentation) as clearly and understandable as possible
U.S Airforce (Medical Technician) 02/2007 – 06/2009
• Maintain infection control standards in assigned patient care areas
• Prepare treatment and exam rooms immediately for new patients, including cleaning surfaces as needed, changing exam table paper
• Administer patient medical history at the time of appointments
• Counsel patient for health wellness
• Notify and record patient needs for support and for follow up appointments
• Evaluate patient status at presentation in the clinic, team with nursing personnel an provider to triage unstable ill patients as needed
• Prepare and have faxed important documentations from outside hospitals or clinics as needed for doctor to review when seeing follow up patients
• Take Vitals accordingly height, weight, vision
• Prepare patients for pre operations procedures
• Collect blood specimens from patients using venipuncture
• Setting up and preparing intravenous therapy
• Cleaning, irrigati...

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