Blacksburg, VA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Ph. D in Computer Science at Virginia Tech Expected in 2012

Technique skill
 HPC/Cluster based application design/development (5 years)
 Distributed/Parallel System design/development
 Network programming
 Oracle (5 years)/PostgreSQL/Greenplum (2 year)
 Database design/optimization
 OOP/Multi-layer design/Design Pattern
 Unix/Windows

Large scale data processing, database system and its applications, high-performance computing system.

Working experience in Microsoft
May 2010- August 2010, Software engineer intern, Virtual Machine Manager, Microsoft.
Build a prototype system that deploys portable OVF formatted virtual appliances in different virtual machine environments, such as Microsft VMM, VM vSphere.
Key techniques: OVF, MS VMM, Windows service, VMDK, VM vSphere.

Working experience in NDSSL
Design and build a distributed, high fidelity and high performance epidemic modeling environment to support situation assessment and policy making. I am one of the principal system designers and developers. The system already has been in use to support government policy making. The system recently has been extended as facebook app and educational strategy games.
Key techniques: modular design, multiple-layer design, high performance computing, database, parallel computing and parallel data processing, database tuning and optimization, network communication, agent-based modeling, Monte Carlo method, partial observable Markov decision process.
Examine the feasibility of applying diverse large scale data management technologies in our saclable and high performance epidemic modeling environment. Our modeling environment presents several unique data management challe...

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