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Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Software Test Automation Specialist

I am an accomplished Software Engineer specializing in Software Test Automation and developing customized testing tools. I have extensive experience in building, testing and integrating large to small-scale projects. This has allowed me to refine my technical knowledge. Having worked in differing fields encompassing the commercial, governmental/military, banking/insurance and medical areas has allowed me to evaluate software successes and failures from many different angles and has given me the opportunity to understand the various software methodologies used. This is an asset for any organization wishing to employ me as I am able to ascertain the role requirements and deliver the appropriate services.


Professional Experience

2011 Automation Test Specialist at DET (Department of Education Training), Brisbane Australia.
2009 to 2010 Automation & Performance Test Specialist at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization), Canberra, Australia.
Configuration Controller (Auditing, configuring SCM tools) at Tenix Defense. Adelaide Australia.

2011 to 2012 SOA and Automation Test Specialist at IAG-CGU, Brisbane, Australia.
2008 to 2009 Automation & Performance Test Specialist at SunCorp Metway (Bank), Brisbane, Australia.

2012 Software Developer and Automation Test Specialist at Synergy Technologies Group, San Diego, United States.
2006 to 2008 Senior Test Engineer at Boeing Australia, Brisbane Australia.
Quality Centre (Test Director) Tool Smith and CM Baseline Specialist at Boeing Australia.
Build Manager & Integration Tester (C#, CM management) at BAE Systems.
Systems Engineer at BAE Systems (UML, Requirement Specs, Interface Documents). Adelaide Australia.
Software Analyst at BAE Systems (Ada, Assembly, FORTRAN). Adelaide Australia.

Technical Expertise


Load Runner 9.5 (2 years)
QTP (6.5 years)
SOA Testing (2 years)
Selenium (3.5 year)


Designed and implemented programs in:
C#(C sharp) (3 years experience)
C++ (5 years experience)
Visual basic (5 years experience)
WPF (1 year)
Assembler (2 years experience)
HTML (4 years experience)
Java (1 year experience)
Ruby (2 years experience)
Ruby on Rails (1 year experience)

Eligible to work in United States of America via Consultancy Firm Synergy Technology Group, Inc.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems from University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Professional Experience
Synergy Technology Group, Inc 2012 August to 2012 Dec
Software Developer and Automation
Test Specialist
(Consultant - Full time hours)

Design and Develop Software(.NET 4.0 C#)
Develop, Execute and Maintain Regression Testing Suite.
Design and Develop Database (SQL)
Data Migration
Document Customer Requirements.
Document System Design and Detail Design.
Develop and Design Manual Testing.
Develop and Design Automation Testing.


Synergy Technology Group, Inc provided software services for a local medical company in San Diego region. The customer required a new system to store test results for various medical testing, such as hormones and neurotransmitters.


My duties were to provide consultation services for ensuring the system was designed, implemented and tested in accordance with the customer’s needs. The software project was managed, designed, coded, and tested by myself. I approach the design phase of the project with a mixture of agile and water fall methodology. The initial system design composed of customer meetings, mocked system with various design documents. A balance between a flexible design that contained precision in areas of scientific recordings.
After the design phase I interpreted the design into Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 using C#. The code was written using MVC approach with a front end that used the Windows Presentation Foundation Layer. The database was designed using Microsoft’s Code First via the entity framework. My duties were to ensure all requirements were coded in C# via the above technologies. Regular meetings between me and the customer ensured an iterative approach was utilized to refine design changes and defect fixes. Additionally, part of my role was to ensure an automation testing suite was developed and maintained. The test suite was written AUTOIT and was further used to exhaustively test the system.

CGU – Insurance Australia Group 2011 August to 2012 August
Test Automation Specialist/SOA Test Analyst
(Contractor - Full time hours)

Develop, Exec and maintain Automation Regression Suites.
Develop and maintain Automation Test Documentation
Deliver Automation Reporting
Develop Integration Automation Testing Suites.
Verify and Validate SOA(Service Orientated Architecture).
Develop regression suite for SOA.
Develop Test Plan for SOA per Capability.
Develop End of Test Report for SOA.


CGU is a leading insurance provider in Australia. They assist Australian businesses to manage complex risks.


CGU’s Claim Transformation program involved an upgrade from a mainly paper driven insurance system to Guidewire’s software system. During my time at CGU I developed automation software test based off the existing system automation regression suite. The existing automation tests were modified to ensure system integration testing was performed for each interface. Each interface was shaken and later on combinatorics was applied to test thousands of service requests via the Service Oriented Architecture middleware, which would subsequently test the back end providers/consumers.
In conjunction with the Automation System Integration testing, I was subcontracted out to the SOA section to ensure system verification and validation SOA services via the use of stubs/mock services. As part of the SOA testing role I was required to analyze design specifications and develop a sufficient test plan that would drive a automation regression to exhaustively test all combinations and negatives for a particular operational request. For example search and retrieve policies, payment requests, document search and retrieve and etc. SOA testing required assessment of mapping sheets and system logs to be analyzed in accordance with design specification.

Department of Education and Training (DET) 2011 March to 2011 August
Test Automation Specialist
(Contractor - Full time hours)

Develop, Exec and maintain Aut...

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