Beaumont, CA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Seeking an entry level position in the field of computer engineering -- software, hardware, controls, etc. -- which will both apply my skills and advance them.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 2007–2011
 Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. September, 2011.

Eta Kappa Nu, The National Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society (HKN)
• Membership awarded to top 15% of juniors or top 25% of seniors in ECE at CPP.
• Inducted as a junior in 2010.
Senior Project Smart Grid for the 2011 symposium
• Grid code - C program on PIC microcontrollers which set house lights (one pin per house) on or off, then sent house statuses (sensed via a second pin per house) to the master PIC.
• Graphical User Interface - Visual Basic program which displayed house statuses on a model of the grid in the control computer, obtained by means of a stream sent from a master PIC via RS232 cable.

Work Experience
Consultant 2/2/13 – 5/23/13
Vangard Voice Systems, Irvine, CA
• Worked with customers to lay out voice requirements and streamline solutions
• Created voice enabling solutions to telnet servers and C# applications using proprietary AccuSPEECH software
• Programmed C# applications for clients’ use, then voice enabled them.
• Worked on fixing of Visual Studio Add-in which allowed voice enabling of C# applications, and started working on C++ version.
• Worked with embedded systems (hand held computers) running Windows CE 5 and 6 for warehousing solutions.

Educational Qualifications
C programming for PIC microcontrollers, used for simple control systems.
C#/.NET programming in Visual Studio
• Add-ins and standalone GUI programs
C++/.NET in Visual Studio
• Data Structures - linked lists, stacks, and trees used primarily in class to simulate scenarios in programs.
• TCP/IP - Client/Server FTP system, Client/Server UDP system, Client/Server text chat system.
JAVA in Eclipse and NetBeans
• Animation Applications: images which would change with time or user input, often used to simulate scenarios.
• TCP/IP - Client/Server Text Chat system
• Basic Embedded Systems: created programs for a basic phone operating system, performed some programming on CPP’s UNIX server via the PuTTY program.
• GUI Design: interfaces which responded to user input (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and performed duties such as computing taxes from given data, acting as a graphing calculator, allowing MySQL access to a database, or changing a picture file’s type.
Visual Basic
• GUI design on Senior Project,...

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