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chris | Resume Details | New York Jobs


Boston, MA

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Boston, MA; Albany, NY


Highly motivated Mechanical Engineer seeking to grow in a product design and qualification engineering environment. Capable of envisioning the larger picture using my engineering toolbox to improve and validate products. Ability to work with and create technical documents. Strong interpersonal skills enabling me to work with various engineering focuses and skillsets to complete projects.

iRobot Corporation Bedford, MA
Systems Engineering Intern August 2012-Present

Developed and Updated Test procedures for a GVT sponsored Pre-Qualification test program with guidance from the Test Director. Developed and maintained compliance databases for Home Robots. Performed vibration, salt/fog, mesh, ESD, and reliability testing. Assisted in prototype builds and procedure developments for telepresence robots.
• Units were tested with preliminary test procedures and updated based upon redlines from the test event.
• Maintained a notebook to keep record of products, daily activities and results of tests to help initiate good laboratory practices standards.
• Worked with various engineering disciplines to test product quality for shipment to costumers.

Nuvera Fuel Cells Billerica, MA
Systems Engineering Intern September 2011 – December 2011

Maintained and tested hydrogen compressor. Developed reliability, safety and analysis reports for improved hydrogen compressor.
• Improved hydrogen compressor now in commercial use by eliminating unnecessary adding efficiency while adding efficiency.
• Developed redlines and made design changes based off testing on original hydrogen compressor.


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