Arden, NC

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Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



1985-1991 Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI.
Degree: B.S. Computer Science/Mathematics (minor)

NoteSwift Inc (2013 - 2014) - Senior Software Engineer

Major Projects at NoteSwift
• Developed voice recognition applications used by doctors to interact with various medical software using voice commands. Medical software was externally controlled by using C#, Win Forms, C++, Dragon Voice API, Microsoft UIAutomation, Win32 API, and hooking/injection routines.
• Developed installation and updating programs using Microsoft Click Once and Advanced installer technologies.
• DEVELOPMENT SKILLS: C#, Win Forms, C++, WIN32 API, MS UIAutomation, OOP, Patterns, Usability Principles, Visual Studio, Advanced Installer, MS Click Once, Microsoft Azure.

Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (2010) - Senior Software Engineer (consultant)

Major Projects at Terumo
• Sole developer of software for blood perfusion medical device (CDI 500) used during open heart surgery to monitor patient’s critical vital signs. Real time (Windows CE) software was written in C++/MFC/Win32 API and used I2C communication protocols. FTP was used for web communication. This was mission critical software that required FDA approval.
• DEVELOPMENT SKILLS: C++, MFC, WIN32 API, Object Oriented Techniques, Patterns, Usability Principles, Visual Studio, Windows CE, HTTP, I2C

Dalton Solutions LLC (2007 – Present) - Founder

Major Projects at Dalton Solutions
• Developed a network of web properties using ASP.Net/C#, Java Script, and PHP that provides web applications for grocery shopping, coupons, and camping markets. One example is (
• Created software as service product for grocery delivery businesses. Product was written in ASP.NET/C#
• Developed ASP.NET/C# based mobile web site and REST based web service to communicate with mobile devices.


• SYSTEM ADMIN SKILLS: MS SQL Server Admin, MySQL Admin, Mail Server (Mail Enable), Widows Server 2003, IIS 6.5/7.0, Word Press, Drupal, Visual Source Safe and CVS.

• BUSININESS/MARKETING SKILLS: Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Google Ad Words/Ad Sense, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Contract Negotiations and Press Releases.

Techsmith (1999 – 2007) - Project/ Product Manager, Lead Developer, Lead Research Developer, Software Engineer

Major Projects at Techsmith
• Project Manager for “Morae” Product (2005 – March 2007) – Managed a team of developers and designers working on the usability product “Morae”.

• Project Manager for “UserVue” Product (2005-2007) – Directed a team of developers during the new product release of the web based usability product "UserVue".
• Lead Research Developer (2003-2005) – Implemented the first working prototype of the usability product "Morae".
• Technical Product Manage/Lead Developer (2001-2003) - Served as liaison between company departments and developed features for the screen capture product "SnagIt".
• Lead Developer/Project Manager (2000-2001) – Managed developers/designers and developed new software features for the commercial screen capture,"SnagIt".
• Software Engineer (1999-2000) – Developed new software features for commercial products, "SnagIt" and "Camtasia"

• DEVELOPMENT SKILLS: C++, MFC, WIN32 API, Object Oriented Techniques, Patterns, Usability Principles, Visual Basic.
• PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Agile Development Techniques, SCRUM, Project Requirements, Microsoft Project, and Market Requirements and over 100 hours of management training classes.
• MARKETING SKILLS: Product Feasibility Studies, Product Market Studies, Determined Market Requirements.

Critech Research Inc (1997 – 1999) - Software Engineer

Major Projects at Critech Research
• Developed a Computer Aided Drawing system on Windows NT. This system was designed to automatically generate medical garments for burn victims using AutoCAD in conjunction with lasers to cut imaged garments.


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