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Rochester, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in NY


• Demonstrated mastery solving complex system problems through a combination of applied physics, designed experimentation and testing, modeling, engineering design, analysis, and innovation (awarded 25 U. S. patents).
• Deep knowledge and experience commercializing a broad range of products involving electromechanical systems (including firmware and consumables) into commercial and consumer markets, high and low volume production, manual and automated assembly, local and offshore manufacturing, working successfully with both co-located and global design and manufacturing teams.
• Lifelong continuous skill development in engineering, statistically based techniques, and product design. Recognized as an expert in these subjects and a valued resource for peer review and mentoring across the organization. Often called upon to solve problems others have been unable to solve.
• Mature technical leadership capability and experience in direct supervision, project team leadership (cross functional, global, and virtual). Able to recruit, develop and motivate key team contributors. Led by example maintaining technical individual contributor role while in formal leadership roles.

Professional Experience at Eastman Kodak Company
System Robustness Engineer, Consumer Inkjet Printer Division, 4/05 to Present
Developed and designed components and electromechanical subsystems for inkjet printers. Developed, conducted and analyzed design validation tests for subsystems and components to support aggressive product development schedules for the commercialization of multiple inkjet printer projects. Constructed system models for complex, interdisciplinary problems.

Challenge: An inkjet printer had connection reliability < 90%, resulting in high repair costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Action: Researched the literature. Modeled the system using finite element analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation. Designed, executed, and analyzed orthogonal array experiments using the four point Kelvin method for continuous variable output. Used ANOVA to establish order of importance for control factors and built a regression model for contact resistance as a function of plating thickness, force, and surface displacement. Demonstrated that the original operating points did not provide sufficient design margin when subject to structural distortion and surface film contamination. Developed a design space map for system operation and implemented engineering changes.

Result: Improved the system reliability to greater than 99% and reduced field replacement costs by $3M per year.

Challenge: The rising commodity price of gold significantly increased component costs for an inkjet printer.

Action: Developed tests and constructed Monte Carlo wear models using interference theory. Identified a connector lubricant to reduce the required gold thickness, while providing sufficient shipping damage design margin. Employed focused ion beam milling and a scanning electron microscope to measure the dependent variable. Provided system reliability models. Devised tests to evaluate product quality impacts due to the accidental fouling of critical components with the lubricant. Used an Arrhenius function to accelerate the response, while maintaining the fidelity of the output signal. Constructed regression models quantifying the printer’s response when fouled. Used ordinal contingency analyses to model print rating as a second output. Demonstrated that for certain lubricants, the printer would recover through normal operation. Recommended design changes to optimize reliability and cost.

Result: Reliability of the gold to gold connection above 99.99% and gold usage reduced by 50% Savings > $1 M.

Challenge: Launch date for new inkjet printer in jeopardy due to print damage from exit wheel markings.

Action: Designed, executed, and analyzed an orthogonal array of control factors and a blocked noise factor. Identified the performance contribution of each factor and developed a regression model relating the key factors. Recommended engineering changes to optimize print quality within the launch timeframe and for subsequent products.

Result: Print quality was improved and the product launched on schedule. Future printers will incorporate additional improvements identified.
Challenge: Poor print quality as a result of random misplacement of ink drops: source of problem unknown. The product launch date was in jeopardy.

Action: Researched the literature. Designed three experiments with control factors for electrical wave form shape, frequency of activation, length of the fluid path to the low modulus component, and fluid pressure. Analyzed results and constructed regression models. Also demonstrated that poor electrical connections or insufficient lubrication resulted in the same misplacement of ink drops. The waveforms were changed, the cabling was redesigned, and the lubrication process was improved based on my recommendations from this test.

Result: Ink drop placement significantly improved and the product was launched on schedule.

Unit Director, Supervising Engineer, and Program Six Sigma Black Belt, Camera Division, 3/96 to 3/05
Supervised a group of ten engineers and technicians. Led teams in the development of two multi-million dollar automated film-loading systems. Recruited and mentored new engineers. Developed and managed the Lean Six Sigma product development and assembly strategy. Our team won the 1998 Kodak Manufacturing Research and Engineering Outstanding Innovation Award.

Challenge: Multi-million dollar film spooling system had excessive waste.

Action: Researched the literature. ...

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