Atlanta, GA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


MS Computer Science (June 1995, minor EE) Georgia Institute of Technology,
B.S. Hydro-electrical Engineering (July 1985) Tsinghua University,, Beijing

Languages: Java, C/Objective C, C++, Visual C++, Assembly, .Net/Visual Basic/VB Script, Java Swing/Visual J++/Visual Café/Visual Age/J2EE, ASP, shell script, Perl, Php, Python/Django, Ruby, HTML/XML/XSLT
Operating Systems: Unix/Linux/BSD, Windows XP/NT/98/95, MSDOS
Database Systems: ORACLE, Informix, SQL Server, MySql, DB2
Computer Systems: Sun, SGI, HP, PC's, VAX
Others: MFC, COM/DCOM/MTS, CORBA/SmartAgent, AWT, Java/WFC/J2EE, JDK/Swing, OO/UML, Web Service/SOAP, JBOSS/WebLogic/Tomcat/Websphere, Rogue Wave, ASP, MATLAB, SPICE, VLSI/Analog/Digital Circuit, ETL, QAM/QPSK, Sonet/DWDM, HFC, SNMP, EMS/NMS, Mibs, JMS, JMX, Ethernet, Cisco Router (CCNA Prep), MBI/MNN, TopLink/Hibernate, Spring, JSF, JPEG, MPEG2/MPEG4, RPC/XDR, TCP/IP/UDP, Clear Case/CCM/CVS/SVN, gdb/kgdb, OOD/OOP, UML/Rational Rose, 802.11, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, SSL/TLS, Administrator, Administration
Java/Embedded Linux C/C++ Software Development for Toshiba HDTV consumer products (Dec 2008 – Present)
Java/Spring/JSF/C/C++/XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, CE Linux Embedded Software, P-threads, MPEG transport, EBIF/ETV/OCAP, BusyBox, pMON, Gcc/GDB, SQLite, SlickEdit, StarTeam, Dektec StreamXpress, TvWorks XDK, ETV Streamer, DiagMon, JBOSS, JavaTV, DNCS/DAC, gdb/kgdb, TCP/IP, FreeBSD, http, DNS, SSL, VPN, HA, LDAP/Active Directory, Wireshark/Tcpdump, VMWare, GTK, OpenGL. DirectFB, Atmel/PIC, SPI

Developed Spring Web Flow MVC framework based Microsoft key procurement/distribution web site, using Java, Eclipse, JAXB, Maven, Spring/Hibernate, Spring Security, JavaMail, JSP/Servlet , JPA, JTA/Spring transaction manager, Weblogic/Tomcat, JUnit. Developed Restful web services. Wrote design documentation/Caliber, StarUML, Visio, class/sequence diagrams.
Migrated Struts 1.x framework web applications to Spring MVC (financial applications). Acegi Security/Eclipse/IntelliJ/SQL Server/DWR/Jackrabbit CMS
Implemented a video player playing MPEG transport stream files from SD card. Integrated with Store Demo Mode GUI application.
Wrote EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) ETV applications; created bound application EBIF stream, tested with Motorola set top boxes; implemented and configured 2-way java servlet response with STBs; Formatted application server response to STB with EBIF format; integrated with IAM aggregation server for Canoe stream; wrote java simulation program for STB registration test with AMR.
GDB/KGDB core stack analysis and corruption reconstruction, TCP/IP packet/frame analysis using Wireshark, HTTP load balancing and integrated caching, Citrix NetScaler debugging, FreeBSD/C/C++, SSL/TLS;
Implemented factory reset feature – boot command line kernel configure, NOR partition/JFFS2, hard disk reformat/XFS; Implemented a fake keyboard input device driver kernel module for IR remote/DirectFB;
Atmel AVR power management firmware development, Atmel linux driver and firmware upgrade development, using SPI bus, C/C++;
Windows CE settop box development for Microsoft Mediaroom client, HAL implementation for SIGMA8652, Marvell 6020 Ethernet, HPNA, wireless, windows driver;
Implemented power manager standby event handler/schedule wakeup in Python, DBus; Implemented ISP discovery based on "Autonomous System" number in web server using Java Spring MVC Framework; Embedded Linux startup scripting for auto software upgrade;

Wave7Optics, Atlanta, GA(Feb 2007 – Nov 2008)
Contractor/Software Engineer

Java/J2EE/JMS/JMX, Swing, JSP/Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Eclipse, JDBC, SQL Server, JBoss Monitor Alarm, JBoss Web Service/SOAP, XML, Ant, ClearCase, Automated Testing, OOD/OOP
Element Management System/EMS/NMS/OSS, Customer Care Web Application/Northbound Web Service, SNMP/Mibs, Adventnet/NuDesign, IPTV/IGMP, VoIP/SIP/MGCP, SS7, VLAN, EFM/GPON/OLT/ONU
(1).Involved in EMS development for managing EFM (Ethernet for the first mile)/GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), FTTX optical networks delivering triple play (video, voice and data) services.
(2). Developed EMS client GUI using Java Swing; Developed web services for ETI and Command Line Interfaces; Developed Client/Server tiered application using JMS/JMX; Developed customer care web application using JSP, Java struts.

Digital Cable, Atlanta, GA (July 2001 – Jan 2007)
Software Engineer

C/C++/Rogue Wave, Unix/Solaris/Linux/RedHat/Debian, uBoot/BusyBox, JFFS2/NFS, SNMP/NuDesign/HP OpenView, MPEG4/H.264/RTP/RTSP/DSM-CC, VOD/Encoder/STB, Visual C++/MFC/VB, Java/J2EE/JSP/Struts/JDBC/Eclipse, Tomcat/Jboss/Resin, RPC/Corba/.Net, SQL Server/Informix, DNCS, gdb/kgdb, shell, tcl,, VMWare, OOD/OOP, SMB/CIFS

(1). Implemented SNMP agents for settop boxes and encoders, running on x86/MIPS embedded linux systems to support IPTV’s network management, system configuration, encoding/decoding , support v2/v3, used NuDesign’s SNMP tools, C++, cross-platform development, toolchain, multi-protocol (SNMP, Http) development, HP Openview.
(2). Implemented and integrated SecureMedia’s Encriptonite into IPTV’s MPEG4 encoder and settop boxes for encryption and decryption, on x86 and MIPS embedded Linux system. Installed and configured SecureMedia’s Key server on x86 Linux systems, Oracle, Java/C++, Resin.
(3). Installed and configured Kasenna’s LivingRoom and MediaBase (VOD server) for IPTV systems, using JSP/Java Struts/Tomcat/Resin, MySql on Linux (RedHat).
(4). Designed and developed an online digital printing report/output system to generate orders, reports, invoices and user info, using Java/JSP/Struts, Web service, JDBC, Tomcat.
(5). Designed and Implemented the simulator for Time Warner Cable’s ISA compliant Pegasus billing system (PBI/CBI) and enhanced company’s Digital Network Systems’s billing system simulator, using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Remote Procedure Calls (Distinct RPC/XDR), TCP/IP. Implemented video on demand (VOD) billing simulator for HOD, MOD downstream and upstream transactions of the SMS functionality. Tools include MFC/C/C++, socket/RPC/XDR, TCP/IP, Unix/Windows, BMS/SMS.
(6). Replaced CORBA interface between multiple processes with RPC interface;
(7). Design and enhance EAS (Emergency Alert System) to meet FCC’s EAS requirement for various cable operators like Time Warner, Cox communications, Cablevision etc, features including OpenCable implementation, distributed EAS, etc. , C++/RPC/DSM-CC.
(8). Responsible for Digital Subscriber Network’s BOSS (business Operations Support System) interface new implementation and enhancement, C++/RPC/DSM-CC.
(9). Implemented various shell script programs for Digital Subscribe Network features, enhancement and. Tools include Unix script, Informix DBMS, SQL.
(10). Completed “Network Technology Bootcamp” certificate training. Used Cisco Routers, hubs, cables, PC etc. to implement several LANs and WANs. Used LANdecoder32 Monitor to analyze and monitor telnet TCP/IP headers and data. Tools in...

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