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Washington, DC

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Anywhere in DC; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; Savannah, GA; Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Albany, NY; New York, NY; Charleston, SC; Nashville, TN; Anywhere in VA


Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Blacksburg, VA United States
Master's Degree 12/2013

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Blacksburg, VA United States
Bachelor's Degree 05/2004

Professional Certifications:
Professional Engineer - 12/2012 - Virginia DPOR
Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt - 4/2009 - ASQ

Work Experience:
Herren Associates; Washington, DC; 06/2008 - Present

AN/BYG-1 Program Office (PMS 425), US Navy:
- Provided system engineering, program management support to AN/BYG-1 chief engineer.
- Developed and maintained the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) and Configuration Management Plan (CMP) to capture all requirements, processes and procedures needed to create and maintain the AN/BYG-1 combat system and all of its configuration items.

Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Command (CNRMC), US Navy:
- Led the CNRMC Should Cost Analysis effort (team of 8) to improve the way the surface navy collects, analyzes and reports costs for maintenance and modernization work. For the project, Brian developed the project approach, established support amongst all key stakeholders, honed the cost analysis techniques, developed the Information Technology (IT) requirements and facilitated the implementation.
- Led the CNRMC effort to restore the surface navy’s ability to read contractor specifications and accurate estimate the costs of maintenance and modernization work. For the project, Brian developed the concept, requirements and implementation strategy for the Specification Review & Estimation Division (SRED) at the Regional Maintenance Centers (RMC).
- Acted as the lead Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt for the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Surface Warfare (21) and CNRMC Surface Ship Readiness Initiative (SSRI) to improve the operational readiness of the surface navy. For the project, Brian developed the SSRI approach, facilitated meetings to gain stakeholder buy-in and refine processes, and tracked the progress across all RMCs.
- Created forecasting computer models to calculate the workload and future personnel requirements for the RMCs to effectively maintain the surface Navy.
- Created the organizational design, mission, vision and values for CNRMC after they were established as a command in 2010.

Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS), US Navy:
- Acted as the lead Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt for the PEO IWS sponsored effort to improve the processes for developing the AEGIS combat system. For the Value Stream Analysis (VSA), Brian facilitated kaizen events with key stakeholders, re-engineered and documented process improvements, tracked progress of the total effort and measured the success of the process improvements; a 66% reduction in cycle time.
- Performed a technical study to determine the quantity and type of personnel and facilities required to test an iteration of the AEGIS combat system.
- Provided systems engineering, program management and business process re-engineering support to the Principle Assistant Program Manager (PAPM) for AEGIS Combat Systems.

C&C Marine & Repair, Inc.:
- Designed the facility layout (CAD) and provided project management services for the construction of their new fabrication facility in Dunlevy, PA.

Internal Support to Herren Associates:
- Served as the performance manager for 5 junior employees and was primarily responsible for their professional development through career guidance and performance reviews.
- Served as the mentor to 3 additional recent college graduates to help them adapt to professional life after college.
- Developed a Herren Blackbelt training program to enforce the concepts of Lean Six Sigma that were most applicable to Herren Associates’ work.
- Developed an Organizatio...

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