Boston, MA

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


An experienced architect with sophisticated knowledge of architecting and building distributed and mobile applications in a loosely coupled, maintainable, scaleable and highly robust fashion. Accomplished in using creational, behavioral, structural and communication design patterns. Extensive experience in implementing large scale enterprise-wide systems and mobile solutions for Phone or Tablet devices. Proficient in methodologies using requirements, use cases, object analysis and object design. Teaching of object-oriented languages and database design to software professionals at various academic institutions.

Computer Skills

* Programming Languages:
Java, Scala, Lisp, Scheme, C, C++, C#, Assembler, Pascal, MPI, Prolog, Visual Basic,

* Application Servers:
Play Framework 2.0, Jboss EJB 3, IBM WebSphere Tomcat Server

* Mobile Technologies
Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android SDK, iWebkit, jQuery Mobile

* Databases:
MongoDB, Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL

* Applications APIs:
Functional Java, JEE 3.0, JINI, JavaSpaces, GigaSpaces, LDAP,
Java Messaging Service, Struts, Spring, RMI, JNDI, MQSeries, Enterprise Java Beans, Servlet API, XML SAX, JFC, CORBA, Microsoft Foundation Class, Windows SDK, Teracotta.

Professional Experience

CommentClouds, San Diego, CA 10/2011 – Present
Co-Founder & CTO

Co-founded a pre-funded startup developing an innovative social, location-based mobile platform for consumers. Architected and developed the core technologies for the platform.
• Used the Play framework as the server, Postgres GIS database for location-based queries and Mongo DB as the persistence layer.
• Java, Scala and Clojure used as the programming languages for the platform.
• Functional Java was used for data manipulation.

State Street, Quincy, MA 2/2002 – 9/2011
Senior Developer, Consultant

Platform architect and product lead to determine strategy and future direction of key business platform, including assessing internal solutions and third party vendor products.
Project manager and technical lead for mobile software development for multiple Android applications. Concentrated on J2EE, Cloud, and mobile architectures to support business needs. Also led the Business Intelligence team, which developed in Business Objects and Cognos.

• A key strategy initiative was incorporating mobile technology, both Phone and Tablet solutions, to support client needs. I was the technical lead on both projects. I used the Android SDK with Java and Eclipse for the development environment. Initially the Android Emulator was used till near deployment when an unlocked Google phone was used as the testing platform. iWebKit and jQuery Mobile was used to develop a cross platform solution
• A requirement for Participants to review their financial information on mobile devices led to a project that had Apple and Android mobile devices, phone and tablets, connect to a Cloud deployed JBoss application server. Participant financial data was updated and retrieved from a backend postgreSQL database. iWebKit was used as the display technology. Participants would enter their data and then retrieve their financial transactions for display on their mobile device. This project is still active.
• A related mobile project was a live chat application to support the Bank's call center. The same architecture was employed, JBoss application server and PostgreSQL replicarted backend database. This was an exclusively Android application and allowed clients to talk to an account representative to resolve issues on their phone or tablet.
• Managed software development for JEE and automated testing of our mission critical payment platform.
• Managed the Business Intelligence team which assisted the business in developing reports for our clients. Cognos and Business Objects were used. I led a team of four members.
• Conduct comprehensive code reviews – specifically for offshore Indian development of our business critical web application.
• Core JEE design patterns were applied.

Bluereed LLC, Boston, MA. 4/2001 – 5/2002

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of startup in the Boston area. Designed and implemented an e-commerce site using J2EE for a manufacturing and services company. Involved in all aspects of requirements, use case analysis and object modeling.
• Helped designed a site that provided access to custom solutions for commercial and residential clients. The site contains an e-catalog whose content, including inventory, are held in a database. Customers can generate on-line orders and purchases using their credit cards.
• The client’s site communicates with its suppliers with Web Services. The client is able to view all of its suppliers’ inventory items and has the capability to compare prices across vendor products. There are XML documents for purchase orders, invoices and payments thus automating transaction processing.
• JSPs were used for the presentation layer and EJBs to implement the business logic. IBM’s WebSphere AE was used as the application server.

Fleet Bank Boston, Boston, MA. 11/2000 – 2/2001
Senior Consultant

Helped design and develop a browser based application that interacted with Websphere AE Application Server to connect three major back end systems of the bank. The application allowed business analysts to track a loan from initial contact to final approval.
• XML based remote procedure calls were used to talk to the COM/DCOM objects that provided hooks into the back end systems. Sun’s JMQ 1.1 was used as the messaging layer, LDAP as lookup.
• EJBs were implemented to support the business logic and traffic flow from browser front end to database back end.
• Servlets and JSPs were used for the presentation layer.
• JDBC was used for database access.

International Business Machines Global Services, Philadelphia, PA. 4/2000 – 9/2000
Senior Consultant

Architected and designed an e-commerce site’s content delivery. All content for the site was held in a database. Web pages were constructed depending on the audience and SQL queries were used to populate the page. A “shopping cart” followed the visitor from page to page holding information the visitor entered. The application used IBM WebSphere Advanced Edition 3.0 with EJB.
• Implementing the following:
• The presentation layer using Servelets and JSP.
• The business layer using EJB 1.1 and SQL.
• The persistence layer using IBM DB2.
• Wrote requirements document with client for document content management system.
• Designed object models for the application.

International Business Machines Global Services, Woburn, MA. 1999 – 2000

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