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Network Engineering and RF professional with over 20 years Experience in hands-on management, design, implementation, troubleshooting, and commissioning of communication systems, particularly those involving IP routing, switching, and associated protocols. Integration of new systems into existing LAN/WAN networks. My network management and engineering experience spans Land Mobile conventional and trunking systems to Cellular systems from including current CDMA, EVDO, GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. I hold both BSEE and MSEE degrees in Electrical Engineering, in addition to multiple networking certifications.


Cisco IOS, Cisco ASA 5500 series and ASDM, Cisco Catalyst Switches, Cisco ISR Routers, Cisco SDM, Cisco CCP, NetHawk M5, Wireshark, AirMagnet, TIMS Test Set, Network Analyzers, Tektronix GeoProbe, Solocast/ Allocate, RFOptimizer, Sitemaster, dB Planner, HP E7480A, Smart Sam, MSAT, Grayson, Net Plan, CNET, MapInfo, CE4, ANET, Planet EVand dms, Odyssey 3.0.4, Comarco X50 Actix IQ analyzer, CellCad, Agilent, Actix, Linux, Unix, and various electrical design tools


CCNP, Cisco Certified Network Professional, (Secure), 2013
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, (Wireless), 2013
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, (Voice), 2013
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, (Security), 2013
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, (Routing / Switching), 2013
Comp-TIA Network Plus Certification, 2012


Cellular One (Feb 2013 – Present)
Senior Staff Consultant

Provide designs of 4G (LTE), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) for new coverage and capacity areas. Forsk Atoll with
various propagation models for determining signal propagation, coverage, and link budget for voice and data packets in LTE rollout, optimizing UE to eNB RF and backhaul links for max throughput on forward and reverse paths. Forsk Atoll also utilized in order to analyze and optimize Ec/Io, BCCH and TCH interference for legacy GSM network. Managed market projects focused on UMTS cell optimization and new LTE designs. Lead teams in analysis of drive test data to recommend performance improvements geared towards key system KPIs.

PierCon Solutions LLC (Feb 2008 – Oct 2012)
Senior Member Technical Staff

Alcatel-Lucent, Systems Integration Engineer for NYCTVHF Upgrade- Project System Integration duties for the New York City Transit Authority’s VHF upgrade to the current wideband analog system. The new digital radios can operate in wideband (25 kHz), narrowband (12.5 kHz), and P25 TDMA (6.25e kHz). Responsibilities included RF, virtual and traditional circuit backhaul migration from the current ASYNC network to an ATM network over the NYCT WAN. SPVC provisioning, routing, switch configurations and traffic flow control provisions. Alarming over IP implemented using SNMPv3 and NetGuardian. This role was responsible for end-to-end functionality as well as integration of all system functions into the existing NYCT infrastructure.

Motorola Solutions (Jan 2012-March 2012)
Pulsecom Replacement
Lead System Engineer
For replacing antiquated Pulsecom Telco T1 channel banks with modern Aviat (Harris) Intraplex channel banks for all five NYPD borough hubs and their remote sites. Included in this are T1 switching channel banks as well as those carrying MoSCAD traffic. Responsible for DDR documentation and signoff for remote sites and Hubs in addition to cutover plans and ATP

Motorola Solutions (May 2008- December 2011)
NYPD Joint Operations Center-
Principal System Engineer
Responsible for integration of UHF, VHF, 700/800 MHz, Low Band and Aviation frequency radios into the customer’s LAN and transport over WAN for an interoperable IP based radio system for the NYPD Joint Operations Center. This position involved networking radios and receivers via Motobridge gateways utilizing HP switches over the NYPD LAN to route traffic to various customer defined site locations. All technical documents, design, testing through commissioning were generated and reviewed for completeness and accuracy.

Northrop Grumman. (Mar 2008 – May 2008)
Senior RF Engineer
Provided QA Audits of the NYC WINS system construction using R56 as a guideline for best practices. Reviewed all engineering construction details to insure correct operational readiness and functionality. Delivered final reports and punchlist items to Northrop Grumman staff for rectification.

Sprint/ Nextel (Jan 2007 – Feb 2008)
Senior RF Engineer
Provide designs of 4G (WiMax), CDMA and IDEN sites including integration into the existing New York and New Jersey markets. All aspects of design are performed including expert RF testimony at Planning/Zoning board hearings.

ATT Wireless (Jan 2004 – Dec 2006)
SR RF Design Engineer,
Network Operations, North Texas Market
Key technical lead on network integration projects between the Cingular and previous AT&T networks in the NTX Market dealing with UMTS (WCDMA, broadband), GSM, as well as TDMA. Direct Interface with other departments to insure world- class customer service, churn reduction and dominance of market share. Previously performed regional Senior Engineering responsibilities for the Central Region of the AT&T Wireless National network. Responsibilities included multi-faceted leadership roles on technical issues, including technical analysis of spectrum management for the Spectrum Plan of Record, Capital Budget analysis and planning for the Capital Budget Plan of Record. Participated in UMTS information dissemination calls for rollout in Detroit.

Trillion Partners, Inc. (Aug 2003 – Dec 2003)
Director of RF Engineering
Designed, installed, and optimized 802.11 systems in both 2 and 5 Ghzbands providing WWAN interconnection of schools allowing high speed VOIP, data, INET, and video over IP with up to 100 Mbps backbones via point to point and point to multipoint microwave hops utilizing various vendor’s radio, VOIP, and Ethernet equipment.

Spectral Solutions, Inc. (Jan 2002 – July 2003)
Principal Engineer
Performed detailed designs of 802.11 microwave transport systems to insure adequate bandwidths provided to each load point for specific project needs.

IPCS Wíreless, Inc, (Sept 2001 – Jan 2002)
Consultant / RF Engineering Contractor
Optimization and design with responsibility for 300+ sites of the vast 1900 Mhz CDMA based PCS system for Sprint PCS in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska using Planet, Comarco X50, HP E7480A, and Nortel’s CDMA RF Optimizer with Nortel’s base stations and switches preparing for 3G deployments. Developed and implemented PM programs

Nortel, CALA (Dec 2000 - July 2001)
Consultant / Contractor
Optimized PCS 1900 MHz CDMA based system in Santiago, Chile
using (Nortel Equipment)-RFO CDMA, Planet, HP E7480A, Switch Data Integration and Analysis Periodic Maintenance (PM)...

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