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Nuclear Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Criticality Safety Engineer Profile

Author of numerous Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluations (NCSEs) dealing with oxide production, downblending and low level waste disposition.
Developer of the bounding subcritical areal density curves method (available to DOE licensees). Implemented in NCSE for disposal of fissile waste reflected by nearly dry sand. Method (using associated software) can be rapidly applied to calculate limits for less limiting reflectors (e.g., water, concrete) as well as for completely dry sand.
Author of reports enabling increases in spent fuel pool capacity.

Reactor Physics Profile

Broad and in-depth reactor physics design and analysis experience for BWRs and PWRs at a vendor and utilities with hands-on experience at a BWR.
Co-author of Exelon's BWR fuel cycle length economics study.
Author of numerous memos on fuel design (enrichments, BPs) and multi-cycle core design.
Co-author of Westinghouse Reference Safety Report for Quad+ fuel.
Developer of CWRITER, Exelon's refueling (fuel shuffling) time minimization code for BWRs.
Developer of first method capable of determining the location and time-dependent vibration vector of a moving neutron-absorbing object within a flux field given the readings of four detectors (Ph.D. thesis).

Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering
Q-clearance last active 2004

Criticality Safety

Criticality Safety Engineer 06/09 – 05/11
On contract to Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC via TFE, Inc.
Wrote NCSEs and performed associated...

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