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Sales Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Intelligent, quick-to-learn engineering professional currently seeking a long-term position to utilize expertise in diverse aspects of research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, and management. Passionate about design and engineering fields, with two years of medical school background. Analytical and innovative, known for taking initiative and producing creative solutions to address issues and concerns. Equipped with strong work ethic; able to work well in both team member and leadership capacities. Regarded for superior communications and sales skills, and extremely computer proficient.
Mechanical Design Engineer (2013-current) | R&R ASSOCIATES, Sarasota, FL
 Design,buildandtestprototypesofvariousproductsbasedonclientsneeds Product Engineer (2008-2009) | EATON CORPORATION, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Monitored high-quality manufacturing of items to ensure compliance with plant capacity levels and to address customer needs. Efficiently handled the maintenance and scheduling of control centers and switchboards. Strategically defined and negotiated authorized price levels and lead times that were well-founded on plant workload and competitive feedback.
 Instituted more robust inspection processes that decreased rebuilds; consequently surpassing monthly shipments of over $2 million in motor control centers for three consecutive months
Engineering Manager (2004-2007) | PROCTER & GAMBLE, Oxnard, CA
Provided hands-on leadership and guidance to team members in implementing the safety intervention plan audits. Established timely, systemic corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing downtimes. Applied Lean Six Sigma applications in improving and monitoring product quality.
 Improved overall team performance by applying Lean Six Sigma, which enhanced web handling processes and decreased defects by up to 75%
 EarnedtheShowMetheSafetyaward  Mentoredandbroadenedknowledgeofteammembersintroubleshootingwebhandlingmachines
Process Engineer (2002-2004) | IMATION, Camarillo, CA
Maintained high level of quality in outputs by ensuring that downtime in manufacturing plant and defects of media remained at a minimum level.
 MinimizedproductioncostbycreatingtestprotocolsfornewmanufacturingpartsinProEngineer  Elevated wind quality of high-end media by publishing in-depth technical reports of manufacturing
Engineering Intern (2000-2002) | 3M, ST. PAUL, MN
Developed ceramic a...

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