Royse City, TX

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain a position that will utilize my education, expand my knowledge, and offer opportunities for personal and professional growth.

BS, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas, 1994
Major: Mathematics
Minor: Electrical Engineering

TS – SCI/TK (Active - updated February 2013)

Microsoft Office 95
Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Access 2000
Microsoft Access XP
Microsoft Access 2007
PowerPoint 2000
PowerPoint XP
PowerPoint 2007
Proxy 2.0
TCP/IP 4.0
Satellite Tool Kit (STK) 5.0
STK 6.0
STK 7.0
STK 8.0
STK 9.0 (Currently 9.2)
STK Analyzer
GIMP 2.6
Google Sketchup Pro 7
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Motion 4
Flight Plan Simulator 3.13


Sr Systems Engineer. L3/Mission Integration (Modeling and Simulation Group/IRAD) 2005 – Present
• Head of the STK group within the Modeling and Simulation Group.
• Modeled and analyzed antenna patterns, actual patterns and STK provided patterns. airborne platforms to optimize support position, antenna down look angle,
• Creating both stochastic and deterministic simulations in STK.
• Working with programmers (supplying flowchart and STK connect commands), helped create more robust EO/IR sensors in STK using the Johnson Criteria and calculating NIIRS numbers for accuracy.
• Modeling Communications Systems for ground, air, and space.
• Working with other L-3 companies, created “Proof of Concept” simulation scenarios for proposal enhancement.
• Using Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro, created movies
• Working with test engineers to functionally test all rf and power cables, test and setup individual systems for functionality and interoperability with other mission systems for aircraft racks.
• Supported IRAD effort of the SPYDR ISR tactical aircraft, focusing on Line-of-Sight (LOS) data communication between the aircraft and ground station during test flights and Jackal Stone NATO demonstration.
• During SPYDR system integration, helped set up, test, and establish LOS data communication between air craft and ground, aided in establishing video link between Vortex and hand held Rover video receiver, tested the integrated systems on the aircraft, and trouble shot problems that occurred on the mission systems (including, but not limited to, cable checks, system operability, and updates)

Senior Mission Planner. L3/Aeromet. 2004 – 2005
• Training, assigning missions, and aiding in hiring all Mission Planners
• All duties and responsibilities of Mission Planner.

Mission Planner. L3/Aeromet. 2002 – 2004
• Develop Test Support Positions (TSPs) for the High Altitude Observatory (HALO) I&II, and Wide-body Airborne Sensor Platform (WASP) Operations to meet mission requirements for Missile Defense Agency among other government organizations.
• Planned over 58 successful missions (strategic and theater) for both HALO-I and HALO-II.
• Works internally with the HALO Mission Managers, the HALO Program Manager, and other HALO Operations personnel including Optical Engineers, Analysts, Programmers and Pilots, to optimize Operations’ data collection to best meet mission requirements.
• Use of Flight Plan Simulators (FPSim) (in-house built) to develop TSPs.
• Improved mission planning tools by building a ground track distance Excel Macro. This is used to map a range specified distance from a missile ground track so mission planning can get the best possible Test Support Position without violating any range specified keep outs.
• Improved mission planning tools by building a Field of View rotation tool. This tool was especially helpful to the Optical Engineers during actual mission flights to more accurately predict what objects seen needed to be tracked to better achieve mission objectives.
• Designed new graphics used in Power Point presentations and Mission Support Plans to better illustrate Mission Plans and potential data collect.
• Presented at and attended several Mission/Sensor Planning Meetings.
• Contributor to writing several sections for the proposal of the ABS contract....

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