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Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



Extensive experience in systems engineering, business development and project management. Familiar with spacecraft/aircraft development, contract negations, satellite communication systems and various solid fuel, cryogenic, hypergolic, hypersonic, and gas turbine based propulsion systems. Demonstrated EVM program management and problem-solving skills by leading multimillion dollar projects and personnel for Fortune Top 50 listed companies. Proven experience in business development and sales participating in successful billion dollar sales campaigns in the Americas and Europe.



Network Systems Engineer/Business Development Manager– Goddard Space Flight Center, MD

Member of the Space Based Relay Study (SBRS) Team directed by NASA Headquarters to explore architectures for the ‘future network’ while assessing the current state of the art technology and projecting forward 30 years ahead in terms of technology, standards, internetworking, etc. Supporting the design/development of the smart architectures and investigation of a full range of options incorporating the use of a combination of available commercial services, hosted payloads, fractionated wireless linked spacecraft, cloud-based concept, joint ventures with other government agencies, and the use of commercial ground stations. Supporting the evaluation of emerging satellite design technologies such as optical communication, high data rate RF, steerable multi-access beam forming and advanced large deployable antennas. As part of the fact finding effort, met with the major satellite manufactures, commercial service providers, European Space Agency, US Air Force (SATCOM) and industry visionaries. Familiar with the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).
As a business development manager for Braxton, actively participated in the campaigning and promotion of the Braxton satellite ground system software suite for space operations and weapons systems programs.

Sr. Consultant / Business Development Manager – Vienna, VA

While at ARES, supported the NASA Headquarters initiated study, the Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) Integrated Network Architecture Study (INA). The study team explored options for a more efficient integrated Space Network (SN), Ground Network (GN), and Deep Space Network (DSN) providing a common set of services (Forward & Return data delivery using Ka-band, Radiometric, Science and Platform Modeling and Media Calibration utilizing the Ku-band, S-band and X-band frequencies). The study goal was to assess these architectures in order to choose the best value architecture. Served as an SME for development of the SRD, ADD, and the Integration, Verification & Validation documentation.
As a business development manager for ARES, participated in the promotion of ARES services including Engineering, Quantitative Risk Management, Reliability Mission Assurance, Project Management and Security services to prospective customers.


Propulsion Fleet Director – Latin America, Reston, VA

Led a team of propulsion engineers based out of 7 countries ensuring exceptional deployment and operation of 6 different types of gas turbine propulsion systems for 8 airlines. Overall responsibility for customer satisfaction of technical performance of aircraft propulsion systems. Implemented project management activities such as scope planning, project scheduling, deployment planning with service engineering and data centers, design reviews, risk analysis, and documentation/change control. Provided technical representation for negotiation of Billion dollar sales campaigns. Presented technical reviews on a quarterly basis to customers and business senior management.


Controls and Externals Engineering: RL-10B NEDS Lead Systems Engineer – W est Palm Beach, Fl

Led the multi-million dollar budgeted transition and qualification of the supplier for the Nozzle Extension Deployment System of the RL10B2 Delta rocket cryogenic upper stage propulsion system. Successful transition involved system enhancement conception; Statement of Work review, Request for Proposal; contract negotiation; tracking execution via Earned Value Management (EVM); project management activities such as planning, project scheduling; design reviews, test review; and readiness review. Once transitioned, supported development of the Parts, Material and Process Plan, led root cause investigations and corrective action determination, and ensured applicable engineering changes. Led initial stages of hypersonic propulsion project until departure from company.

Regional Customer Manager – Frankfurt, Germany

Managed engineering team for Western Europe region out of the Frankfurt based office providing direct technical and contractual support to large commercial airlines including Lufthansa, Condor and MTU gas turbine overhaul shop in Munich. Served as company representative for multi-million dollar contract management (Fleet Management Programs). Ensured customer satisfaction of technical performance of aircraft propulsion systems. Worked closely with customer’s power plant engineering organization to address problems including investigation, troubleshooting, hardware/engine logistics, and shop overhaul cost/repair availability. Actively participated in sales campaigns in the region.

Senior Technical Specialist – Vienna, Austria

Managed Vienna based P&W Eastern European regional office: provided on-site technical and sales support to large commercial airlines including Austrian Airline and Lauda Air. Developed programs to address airline’s technical, logistic, warranty and financial support issues. Provided a...

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