Fishers, IN

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Highly motivated college student seeking to enhance Computer Engineering degree with work experience and marketplace application gained through an internship.

Summary of Qualifications:
• Proficient in C/C++ and Java programming languages
• Used VHDL and Verilog on Altera FPGA boards
• Capable of adapting to new programming languages and learning hardware requirements quickly
• Have participated in team based programming to accomplish required goals and deadlines, following the software development lifecycle
• Has dedication and good work ethic on involved projects

Relevant Coursework:
- Digital Systems
- Microcontrollers
- Object-Oriented Java
- Projects and Prototyping
- Embedded Systems
- Software Engineering & User Interfaces
- Circuit Analysis
- Discrete Electronics
- C++ and Object-Oriented Design

Recent Semester Relevant Courses:
- Software Analysis and Design
- Analog Signals
- Computer Logic and Design (micro-architecture)

Relevant Experience:

Micro-Processor Experience:
- Alarm Clock:
• Designed, coded, and demonstrated a working alarm clock on an Atmega16A chip. Worked with two team members, programmed in C.
• Alarm clock had an accuracy of 99.994%, only fell behind 5 seconds each day

- Battery Tester:
• Designed, coded, and demonstrated a battery tester on an Atmega16A chip. Worked with two team members, programmed in C.
• The battery tester recorded time for the battery to drain to a certain percentage and displayed the mAh.
• Employed software engineering practices: queues for inter-task communication and software timers for updating tasks
• Used same C coding standards as the ones used for NASA’s Curiosity robot

Programming Projects:
- Breakout game:
• Designed, coded, and tested a “Breakout” brick breaking game
• Programmed in C++
• Worked with one team member
• Purpose of demonstrating knowledge of object oriented design

- Space Invaders:
• Project goal was team based programming practice
• Used version control with Git and BitBucket to keep a team repository
• Team size was five members
• Programmed in C++

- Map Project:
• Project goal was to take data from a map database like OpenStreetMap and create an application that would:
 Display a graphical representation of the area the data was taken from
 Highlight the shortest path between selected locations
 Find alternate paths
• The project used version control with Git and BitBucket to keep the repository
• I was the team leader for the project with two other members
• Programmed in C++...

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