Beacon, NY

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Boston, MA; Malta, NY


Research/Development Engineer
Proven Technical & Management Professional In A Career Spanning 7+ Years

Technologically driven and business savvy management professional with a diversified skill background and proven leadership abilities with a hands on approach to development and design. Successful customized product history with lean design practices to deliver cost effective solutions for Department of Defense applications. Common design templates and cross referenced product user configurations further shortened design cycles to yield 250 customized products per year.

Similar And Unique Product/Modular Design Planning/Team Leadership/Project Management/Supplier Acquisition and Relations

Professional Experience

Research/Development Engineer, TEA Headsets, Brewster NY May 2006-Present

Recruited into a fast paced and demanding design environment to develop customized and modular body worn communication systems within an ever expanding array of product to product connections and adaptations. Stream-lined company design and prototyping activities and managed transitions between internal and subcontracted manufacturing with clear, referenced, design filing. Job scope diversified from Audio Engineer, Department Manager, Quality Engineer, Head Of Research and Development Activities.

Major Skills and Proficiencies:

Amplifier Design, Active and Passive Signal Filtering, Electrical Simulation with TINA-TI and LT Spice, Designing with Unknown “Black Box” Input/Output Impedances and Impedance Matching, Communication System Design and Test, Automated testing of Acoustical and Electrical Systems with Noise and Speech, Modified Rhyme Testing, High Noise Environment Simulation And Testing at Customer Locations and In the Lab, PCB Design, RF/EMI Testing with Real Source, Product Oriented Design Objectives and Development, Intuitive and Functional Design For Body Worn Product Systems, Cross-Talk and Bleed-over Testing, Project/Objective Oriented and Modular Design.

Key Projects & Achievements:

V60 Communication System, Modular Product...

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