Grand Rapids, MI

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


OBJECTIVE To obtain a position in Program or Engineering Leadership where the utilization of excellent computer,
interpersonal, written, and analytical skills will enhance the company’s operations.


Global Navigation Systems Manager, May 2012 - Present
• Managing and leading global product engineering team of 40 people located in the US, Europe, and Japan in
the development of a global navigation system and connected services stretching across 6 continents.
• Integrating navigation HMI into overall Infotainment system by blending graphics and utilizing single source
resources for fonts, voice recognition, and vehicle interfaces.
• Lead negotiations for scope changes and delivery timing directly with customer.
• Oversee overall navigation development as well as the integration into the Infotainment Head Unit.
• Developed key strategies for end-user map updates, connected services contracts, and software licensing.
• Multiple supplier management for key software deliveries.
• Reporting and resolving project risks to executive management through regular supplier design reviews.

Global Engineering Manager, August 2010 – July 2012
• Managing and leading global product engineering team responsible for new business development, current
product development, and warranty tracking and resolution. Team is located in the US and Japan.
• Mature, mentor, and train employees on roles and responsibilities, career development, and customer process.
• Evaluate and rank employees for merit considerations and review performance feedback with employees.
• Lead engineering quoting process on customer changes and new business opportunities.
• Requesting, forecasting, and maintaining customer engineering budgets for launch programs.
• Maintain key customer relationships through regular video conferences and quarterly trips to Japan.

Software Project Manager, July 2008 – August 2010
• Managing a $4M software budgeted program consisting of a 30+ person software team located in Michigan,
India, and Bulgaria from a budget and day to day activity standpoint.
• Lead JCI in the development of new features such as IE-Bus, USB UMASS and iPod playback, Text to Speech,
and in-vehicle software reflash capability to the OEM as well as vehicle owners.
• Ensuring CMMI-2 guidelines are being followed by developers in regards to design documentation, data
version management, and ensuring proper life cycle flow for SCRs in the issue management database utilizing
IBM Rationale, Version Manager, and Serena Team Track.
• Managing customer requests outside of the original program and developing delivery plans for each change.
• Coordinating and leading software development and defect resolution, requirements development internally
as well as with Mitsubishi, test method development for SCR resolution, system bench development and
testing, and software simulator development to simulate in-vehicle communication testing.
• Supporting activities with manufacturing and engineering for development and process validation builds and
also for cross engineering support for manufacturing and validation test, H/W, and audio development.
• Creating and maintaining tools to help decode and create vehicle bus messages to improve software
developer response time on debugging issues.

Program Manager, February 2007 – July 2008
• Providing direct communication with global customer regarding program status as the central point of
contact for radio head unit through Microsoft Project as well as Excel based gantt charts.
• Coordinating and executing of new design releases in product builds with major customer milestones.
• Scheduling prototype builds and coordinated material availability for each build through and beyond PPAP.
• Leading activities with manufacturing and engineering to close out issues documented during each build.
• Lead activities to ensure all parts received production approval 90 days prior to production.
• Maintaining/Tracking/Forecasting capital project, engineering budget, and BOM financials for project.
• Maintaining at least 1% OI improvement through each stage review phase.
• Exceeded target OI by over 6% by monitoring of customer change requests beyond the quoted requirements.
• Developing and executing safe launch plans for new product.
• Provided support in daily FTQ/PPM meetings during launch of program.
• Planning and tracking of the site-to-site transfer of audio products assembly line.
• Lead reflections review with customer management to help improve engineering work flows and guidelines.
• Participate in committee for reviewing supplier change requests and ensuring safe change-over of each

Resident Audio Systems Engineer - Japan, January 2005 - January 2007
• Supported from quoting through launch phases as technical lead for ‘08MY Toyota audio system including
radio head unit, XM satellite radio, premium audio amplifier, and premium audio speakers.
• Lead regular meetings to discuss weekly progress and schedule reviews, DRBFMs, and design reviews.
• Provided N. America ...

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