Glendale, AZ

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.



C++ C Perl Python Ada DO-178B Qt Squish
RCS Razor ClearCase DOORS Synergy Rational Rose Requisite Pro
Rhapsody HTML SQL UNIX pSOS Linux 8096
29050 Solaris DSP LynxOS 68332 68020 68030 Tornado
VxWorks 808x 8051 1750A PowerPC VME

Professional Experience

Sr. Systems Engineer DO-178B Jun 2011 – Present
Honeywell Phoenix, AZ
· Automated manual test procedure for Boeing 787 Flight Controls certification testing.
· Identified and corrected build issues for Embraer 550 Flight Controls software.
· Developed platform software requirements for lane specific functionality in Flight Control system.

Sr. UI Software Engineer Nov 2010 – Mar 2011
Boeing Mesa, AZ
· PDD development for BCTM program. UI logic development. XML, Qt, C++. Agile methodology using SCRUM.
· I was responsible for validating a set of UIs to ensure that our continuous builds did not break anything and to add missing functionality promised to the customer. Vendor integration efforts.

Principal Software Engineer Mar 2008 – Nov 2010
Orbital Sciences Chandler, AZ
· Taurus II Launch Vehicle developed 1st Stage avionics software, documentation, and unit tests in C++, LynxOS, MPC8260, iBus environment.
· I was responsible for developing the Stage 1 Controller application for the Taurus II Launch Vehicle. The Stage 1 Controller application is responsible for commanding the Stage 1 Core. The Stage 1 Core includes the fuel control for the AJ26 (NK-33) as well as the nozzle actuators. I developed the application using C++ on Red Hat Linux for LynxOS 4.2. The environment involved the use of a pair of proprietary middleware tools, to manage telemetry and resources based on data contained in mission-specific XML files. I also developed Unit Test code to exercise the application code, and used gcov to verify code coverage. Issue tracking was performed using Telelogic Change and configuration management was performed using Synergy.
· Designed first draft of Stage 1 Encoder application. This application was responsible for collecting telemetry data from the legacy controller of AJ26 engine, and parsing it into the vehicles telemetry stream.
· In this work I also used Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Wyle Decom, and RedHawk Linux machines from Concurrent to simulate external I/O.
· I wrote the Software Design Document (SDD) for the Next Generation middleware through reverse engineering using Rhapsody 7, Doxygen, and code reviews. The C++ middleware is a pair of multi-threaded resource managers that compile and run on both Linux and LynxOS.
· Identified and implemented fixes for issues identified in avionics flight software, C++, VxWorks.
· I was responsible for locating and fixing issues identified in the OBV Launch Vehicle program Flight Computer Software. OBV is the booster used in the GMD program. I used Cscope to navigate through the C++ code (gcc).
· Made updates to correct issues in C++ software applications running on VxWorks 5.4 using Tornado 2.2 toolset. Most of this work was completed on Solaris workstations, using the Crosswind Debugger.

Sr. Software Test Engineer DO-178B Jan 2007 – Feb 2008
Crane Aerospace & Electronics Burbank, CA
· Reverse engineering Software Design documentation for a DO-178B Level C digital communication system for aviation applications.
· The system was using the Analog Devices ADSP 21363 SHARC, and all software developed in VisualDSP++ in assembler. Testing was done using the EZ-KIT Lite eval board. Developed Software Requirements black box and white box Test Cases and Test Procedures.
· Performed additional test script work for another program on target using JTAG debugger. Unit and System Tests were performed on target and eval boards using Code Composer scripts. The processor was the TI TMS320F2812 and we were using the EZDSP eval boards.

Sr. UI Test Engineer Feb 2006 – Jan 2007

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