Seattle, WA

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Professional Electrical Engineer, Physicist, PM, Management Analyst

Brief Summary of Qualifications:

Multidisciplinary research, engineering, science, technology Program & Project Management with demonstrated leadership & excellence in: Formalized and intuitive problem solving and reasoning, International business development, TQM, Electronics and computer HW/SW integration & troubleshooting, Precision tool use. Polished interpersonal, verbal, written communications in English & German. Proven productivity independently, within & leading teams.

+Program/project Management; MS Project, Excel, Word, PPT with PMBOK, Lean approaches.
+R&D, Analysis; physics, engineering, medicine, international development, IS, business processes, transportation, trade.
+Engineering; Electrical & Civil, systems thinking, integration, components, design, construction, test, analysis, verification.
+Aircraft and Marine; R&D, V&V, instrumentation, electrical and fuel system design, installation, failure recovery, training.
+Instrumentation; thermometry, microcomputer-based data acquisition, electrical, electronic and mechanical measurements.
+Business operation, Project & Program Management; start-up firms to government, strategic project management of > $5B with mainframe & desktop graphical tools, quality & continuous improvement leader, plan design, budget analysis.
+Personnel management; team leadership, PDCA TQM, formal PMP training complete, Agile & communication evangelist, pro-active collaborative approach, mentor, relationship initiator, maintainer, performance analysis, multicultural expertise.
+Communications; webmaster & designer, documentation & report generation, meeting facilitation, presentations, research.
+Computing; system security & integration, HW & SW deployments & support, archiving, cryptography, wireless systems, direct user support & training, etc.
+Software; MS Project specialist. DOS to XP, Assembly, Basic, FORTRAN, C, HTML, MATLAB, management tool creation.
+Electronic hardware design, construction and testing; prototypes, portable power supplies, analog & digital circuits, encryption.
+Mechanical systems; from microscopic fabrication and design to large power plant overhaul, precise motion control, metrology.
+USDOJ consulting expert witness in 'Oklahoma City', 'NY World Trade Center' & other events; techniques, methods, energetics, improvised & expedient devices, explosives & detonation & initiation, ballistics, failure mode analysis, etc.
+Pyrotechnics; system design & construction, hand & digitally fired small - large displays over land & water; all event phases.

Selected Engineering, Management, Business Process skills & experience:

+Software: Windows Communications Foundation, Sharepoint management, MSOffice; all advanced abilities level.
+Metrics: design, collection, analysis. Lead benchmarking, identified best practices & identified data rules.
+Requirements: developed, collected, analyzed, integrated requirements from multiple sources, information fusion.
+Database & IT: knowledge of technologies, architecture, function, management, Hadoop, Mapreduce, version control.
+Information Display & Reporting: graphical, Edward Tuftie training.
+Mentoring others in working effectively and cooperatively within teams. Placing priority on team goals. Providing assistance and leadership to teams, team leaders & management.
+Proactively clarifying purposes and importance in communications. Guiding others in presentation & effective communication techniques. Seeking input from audiences. Presenting to and negotiating with senior management. Trained Facilitator.
+Anticipating customer needs, and providing enterprise-level thought leadership and modeling in monitoring, evaluating, and making customer needs the focus and priority.
+ Systems & SOS: Consistently and proactively evaluating job tasks and processes against defined needs & objectives. Soliciting input from multiple sources for performance comparison & innovative approaches & solutions. Formulating complex change strategies, including measurement, monitoring, accountability and V&V systems. Horizontal & vertical technical integration.
+Analysis: Expert Skills and abilities to collect, organize, synthesize, and analyze data in and across multiple disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, systems, etc; summarize findings; develop conclusions and recommendations from best data sources at the enterprise level.
+Decision making: Proactively recognizes opportunities; collects and integrates information from a wide variety of sources; guides others in achieving outcomes.
+Extensive specialized ability to perform engineering tests techniques; expert knowledge of test program design (e.g., design of experiments, test plan development, validation), advanced knowledge across a wide range of engineering disciplines
+Integration; Expert knowledge of principles of design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, equipment, and methods.
+Technical Verification and Validation; Expert knowledge of technical data verification and validation practices ie; Technical review of Engineering Data, Laboratory simulation, actual procedure demonstration, including Requirements traceability and allocation throughout product lifecycle, with AS9100B, Boeing PSQ/SQA, ARP 4761 & 4754, etc.
+Overall, very effective in a team environment with geographically separated teams, and have experience working in an IPT environment. I have succeeded with management and stakeholders at all levels in an organization; lead/manage people and work in a team environment; manage multiple and competing priorities; and delegate effectively. International experience.

Chronological Engineering Experience - abbreviated listing;

· 2/95 to present: Government & Industry consulting in engineering, security, business development in Russia & Asia, etc.
+US DOJ approved expert witness in technical counterterrorism (IEDs, methods, etc.) resulting in testimony & trial successes
+mechanical firearms manufacturing design enhancements & supplier negotiations resulting in company growth & production success.
+vehicle penetration denial systems research, design & evaluations resulting in construction of systems and critical US infrastructure protection.
+US-Russia, Central Asia organization development, etc., resulting in increased connections between professionals.
+Business planning & development for specialty tool startup; product design, supply chain definition, client negotiations.

·1/08 to present: Westby Consulting, Redmond, WA.
Sr. Engineer. Civil transportation management engineering on WSDOT SR519 Multimodal Project and ‘Moving Washington’ Strategic Plan; RFP & major construction contract co-author, project management, contract development facilitation, engineering management, major transportation project assessment & analysis for prioritization with SMIP™, etc.

· 6/06 to 6/07: Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, Everett, WA.; contract through Comforce Technical Services.
787 Systems; Electrical Design - Supplier Integration V&V Proje...

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