Kansas City, MO

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


A Design Engineer for an energy sector filtration manufacturing company. Graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Physics seeking full time employment in the engineering field. Can work independently and has good oral and written skills and can apply knowledge to engineering tasks ensuring that excellence is maintained.

Washington University in St. Louis Fall 2012 – Spring 2014
Bachelor of Engineering
Major: Mechanical Engineering

The University of the South, Sewanee, TN Fall 2009- Spring 2012
Bachelor of Science
Major: Physics Minor: History

Design Engineer, PowerFlow Fluid Systems, Kansas City, MO January 2016 - Present
▪ Head engineer/product manager for main production line sold to customers.
▪ In charge of continual improvement/updated of current design of production equipment.
▪ Works with customers to meet their system needs and design equipment to fit needs.
▪ Constructs BOM’s and initial cost estimates to quote new projects.
▪ Works with suppliers to source parts that are cost effective and meet engineering requirements.
▪ Drafted and proposed equipment ideas that maximized potential and reduced costs.
▪ Direct contact with manufacturing employees to discuss improvements in assembly process.
▪ Works with all departments to ensure that engineering standards are being met and to enhance efficiency of process.
▪ Uses 3D modeling for part creation and design layouts.
▪ Provide direct support to ensure customers’ needs are met and acting as a liaison.
▪ Understands the design process from start to finish to minimize time to market.
▪ Exposure to all aspects of the power generation industry and power plant operation.
▪ Experience in custom machining and design, working with new technology.
▪ Ability to learn and understand new products and process very quickly and implement them into new or current designs.

Quality Engineer, Yanfeng USA, Kansas City, MO January 2015 – January 2016
▪ Responsible for implementing BIQS in Greenfield facility during launch
▪ Constructed and instituted torque monitoring program to ensure compliance in safety critical components
▪ Created scrap and defect tracking system to log and reduce defects found and made
▪ Using data collection of scrap/defects to drive continuous improvements through design/performance changes
▪Responsible for supporting the monitoring of the performance of quality control systems in automotive manufacturing
▪ Drafted and proposed equipment ideas that maximized potential and reduced costs.
▪Responsible for adapting and evolving process during the launch of plant
▪Handles and oversee the quality of many commodities from molding to assembly.
▪Supports cooperative relationships with customers, between one's area and related departments.
▪Provide direct support to ensure customers’ needs are met and acting as a liaison
▪Interacts with suppliers to ensure quality standards are being upheld and issue suggestions for continual improvement
▪Support the drive of qual...

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