Alexandria, VA

Position Desired

Systems Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Seeking a challenging position as a system or software engineer where I can utilize my experience, ingenuity and strong work ethic to contribute to the company while providing myself an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

May 2011–Present Regulus Group, LLC Washington, D.C.
System Engineer – Runway Status Lights (RWSL)
PR Resolution – Identified problems in the system, worked with the vendor to identify solutions and coordinated the implementation of the solutions through periodic build releases.
White Papers – Wrote numerous white papers detailing various issues related to the RWSL System, including program change requests (PCR).
Optimization – Responsible for optimizing the production systems through data analysis.
Responsible for identifying the maintenance concept for repairing and replacing light fixtures and other hardware in the airport surface.

System Engineer – Blended Airspace
Developed the physical architecture of the Blended Airspace system by comparing the architecture of existing surveillance and automation systems in the National Airspace System (NAS), including STARS, ERAM and ASDE-X, and identifying the critical system architecture necessary to meeting the system requirements.

June 2004 – May 2011 Sensis Corporation East Syracuse, NY
System Engineer – Surveillance Broadcast System (SBS) Radio
Designed the radio radar sensor using System Modeling Language (SysML) by performing a top–down development process.
Designed the software interfaces between processor modules on the Radio.
Wrote the Product Specification Document for the key radio CSCIs, including the System Host Board (SHB), Receiver Boards and Transmitter on the SBS Radio.
Wrote the System Requirement Specification (SRS) for the CSCIs on the SHB.

System Engineer – Test Tool Development
Wrote Matlab scripts to automatically analyze large sets of data for Runway Status Lights (RWSL).
Designed and implemented an extension to Wireshark that parsed Sensis Generic Format (SGF and RGF) files and provided an interactive interface for the user.

System Engineer – Precision Runway Monitor – Alternative (PRM-A)
Wrote the suite of test tools used during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
Performed the site optimization of wide area MLAT sensor at the Detroit Wayne County (DTW) airport.
Provided System Engineering support during the installation of the radios at DTW.
Interfaced with the customer (FAA Tech Center) to identify a set of achievable requirements that met the customer’s needs.
Led the Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs) with the FAA Program Office.
Wrote the System Requirement Specification (SRS) and Software Design Document (SDD) for the Target Processor CSCI.
Investigated issues, proposed solutions and implemented the approved solutions for the Problem Reports (PRs) that were identified during SAT and Operational Evaluation.

System Engineer – Strategy & Development
Designed and implemented the system architecture for the in-cockpit display Traffic Information Service Model-X (TIS-X) prototype.
Performed a study on oscillator precision ...

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