Pittsburgh, PA

Position Desired

Software Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Cost-conscious and quality oriented software/design/field service engineer who succeeds in software development, validation, verification, instrumentation and control, power generation, distribution and protection equipment and mechanical and electrical systems.

Electro-Mechanical Experience: Applied extensive and complex experience with Pressurized and Boiling Water Reactors (domestic and overseas) electro-mechanical systems to innovate low-risk, high return alternatives for testing procedures.
Analytical Thinking: Implemented a process to review design changes for entire digital control system by creating an MS Access VBA application to compare ORACLE and text-based backup files.

Innovation: Solved problems that frustrated team members by balancing innovation with compliance, project budget and timeline restrictions.

Problem-Solving: Saved failing test procedure by analyzing vendor’s obligations, identifying cost-effective alternative test using knowledge of PLC systems, and resolving entire procedure in 1.5 hours instead of 3 days.

Project Planning: Planned and implemented an MS Access VBA program to analyze digital control system software backup files to provide comparison reports, supporting design validation/verification goals.

Customer/Client Management: Successfully served as a customer resource during installation, training and troubleshooting, developing daily training regimens using accessible examples to demonstrate potential software failures and cost-effective solutions.

Quality Commitment: Saved valuable test, rework and end user time by turning out quality work, motivated by big picture, whole-project thinking to avoid bugs and errors while increasing end user effectiveness.

Team Leadership: Completed equipment qualification projects through skillful team management, facilitating each team member’s understanding of their responsibilities and keeping issues from becoming major problems.

Mentoring: Enthusiastically welcomed opportunities to assume the role of teacher and mentor ensuring that team members were up to speed and felt comfortable performing required tasks.

Communication: Assisted customers troubled by cluttered installation procedures, using science background to understand reasons for procedures and engineering experience to produce clear step by step procedures.

Documentation: Produced effective engineering documentation by putting myself in end user’s situations, resolving problems from their perspective, producing valuable procedures that users followed with minimal questions.

Principal Engineer – Software, Instrumentation and Controls, Westinghouse Electric Company, 1996-2013

Designed a DOORs to Oracle requirement transfer scheme to automate test procedure and functional specification development. Decreased report generation time by 90% with MS Word VBA script that automated ORACLE data import and formatting.
Developed an Access application that compared two ORACLE backup files and decreased validation time by 70%.

Designed a Profibus digital link to support vendor site testing. Modified existing test procedure and reduced test set-up and data capture time by 90%. Verified control system component seismic operability by designing a data capture scheme and circuitry that permitted input and output signal analysis and review. Designed a wireless sensor installation system and cable database update to facilitate outage planning within on-site window.

Directed customer site technology transfer and training. Developed and maintained ORACLE PL/SQL, ProC and PERL code to validate digital control ORACLE data modeling and generate microprocessor source code.

Successfully installed software updates for 30,000+ data points. Managed power plant outage software and hardware updates and modified software installation/training schedules to meet changing customer requirements.

Developed INGRES and ORACLE SQL reports for graphical displays that decreased software test time 40% and enabled software validation by graphic designers. Tested 4GL INGRES forms against functional specifications. Tested data highway point information on physical and soft-control graphical displays. Documented and reviewed “C” and PL/M code for microprocessor control of power plant functions and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI.)

Developed MS Access application to coordinate the design and software development of a digital instrumentation and control scheme for power plant operations. Application exported data as FoxPro databases containing values for software variable names. Databases were used by software developers to place data values in PL/M code which decreased software review time by 50%.

Senior Engineer – Electrical, Marine, Manufacturing and Industrial, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1977-1996

Directed field installation of redesigned generator, motor and turbine components to improve performance and reduce maintenance. Activities included field surveys, installation follow-up, OEM discussions and system diagram modifications.

Developed MS Access applications to incorporate and compare configuration data, to graphically summarize data, to import data from AutoCAD, WordPerfect, Word and Excel while using...

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