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NASA Orion Test & Verification Chief Engineer Mar ’12-Current
Independent Technical Authority (ITA) on the Test & Verification (T&V) program on the Orion spacecraft. Responsible for development, execution and closure of verifications across the spacecraft, from individual units up through the completed spacecraft integrated with the launch vehicle. Duties include:
Assessment of overall plan for unit, module and vehicle tests, analyses, inspections and demonstrations to ensure all requirements are accurately implemented and satisfied. Partner with prime contractor to develop an overall test plan and schedule to meet program, safety and engineering requirements, goals and objectives.
Integrate across engineering disciplines and provide ITA guidance at Failure Review Boards to appropriately assess test failures, build root cause, capture risk to the vehicle and mission success, plan and implement mitigations to the failure and certify that the spacecraft is ready for flight.
Integrate Chief Engineer’s Office goals and objectives with Orion Program and NASA Engineering branches and manage engineering support and resources to ensure that contractor has the necessary resources to meet objectives.
Develop and manage environmental test levels, durations and margins for ground qualification and acceptance testing to meet design reference architecture and mission objectives and minimize risk of hardware failures during flight.
NASA Orion Vehicle Integration – Verification Lead Sept ‘08-Mar ‘12
Responsible for managing the prime contractor in the development in the verification plan, practices and policies for the Orion Spacecraft. Managed contractor in the definition of hardware and software qualification, acceptance and certification process definition and documentation. Developed cross program and internal Orion test & verification plans. Duties include:
Developed the Master Verification Plan for the Orion production spacecraft; integrated all system, subsystem and piece part plans into an integrated plan for the integrated spacecraft. Managed prime contractor schedule, resources and budge to ensure completion of data deliverables. Responsible for developing overall delivery plan for data deliverables, managing content and confirming data meets both technical and programmatic requirements.
Chairman of the Verification Engineering Working Group (VEWG); ensured that all flight and development units are properly tested to prove readiness for spaceflight and integration onto the flight vehicle. Defined and coordinated planning for verification by test, analysis, demonstration and inspection of all contractor and government hardware and software as delivered to fulfill Orion requirements.
Serve as technical liaison between the contractor and the Contracting Officer by monitoring the contractor’s performance and delivery of the final products and/or services under the contract. Ensure the contractor complies with the defined Statement of Work or specifications included in the contract. Assist the contractor and the Contracting Officer in interpreting technical requirements of the contract scope of work or specifications.
NASA Space Shuttle Program Flight Ops & Integration On-Orbit Loads & Dynamics Manager Feb ’06-Sept ‘08
Provide technical, contractual and budgetary management as the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) project manager for the On-Orbit Loads and Dynamics technical discipline. Team is responsible for the analysis of all on-orbit loads and vehicle dynamics requirements and analysis when the Space Shuttle is on-orbit and interacting with other vehicles. Primary tasks include the shuttle maneuvering with a payload attached to the docking system, proximity operations, berthing or undocking to another vehicle, and mated flight control. The key technical areas consist of attitude control, loads and vehicle dynamics, but also include rarified plume physics, crew loads, structural modeling, piloting simulation, docking contact conditions, plume target geometry modeling and vehicle clearances.
NASA SSP Integrated Payload Testing and Interface Control Document Manager Feb ’04-Feb’06
Responsible for the oversight of the USA contractor in the development and implementation of the payload data package, time critical handling requirements and payload test, checkout and verification. Provide technical contract management for the activities leading to the development of Program Interface Definition Documents (IDDs), Payload Interface Control Documents (ICDs) and Payload Data Packages (PDPs). Provide technical guidance for overall activities at JSC and to the payload communities for developing, planning, and approving the orbiter-to-payload engineering interfaces and for developing PDPs. Managed the budget allocation, implementation of program schedule and technical content to ensure contractual requirements were met.
United Space Alliance Systems Engineer Jan ’99-Feb ‘04

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