Chicago, IL

Position Desired

Computer Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, IL B.S. Electrical and B.S Computer Engineering Expected: May 2014 Minor: Business Management, Materials Engineering
Relevant Courses
Electronic Engineering: Electronic Circuits, VLSI Design, Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits
Electrical Engineering: Signals and Systems, Electromagnetics
Computer Engineering: Computer Architecture, Digital Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Advanced Logic Design
Materials Engineering: Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Materials

Intern, Tezzaron Semiconductor, Naperville, IL Summer 2012
•Worked successfully within a team of professional engineers and interns on a billable project
•Assisted with design and implementation of 3D-IC architecture for high density memory layout and floor planning
•Implemented VLSI in Micro Magic CAD tool to design custom analog and digital cells at the 130nm and 40nm level
•Debugged customized cells with DRC and LVS for simulation and verification

Team Leader/Community Desk Assistant, Housing and Residential Services IIT, Chicago, IL Spring 2011 – Spring 2013
•Organize and manage a team of community desk assistants
•Hold informational and scheduling meetings with desk staff
•Monitor front desk of resident halls and direct residents in need of assistance

Intern, Packer Engineering, Naperville, IL Summer 2009
•Worked on alternative energy project involving municipal waste
•Participated in several technical projects with technicians and other interns

Premise Technician, AT&T IT Services, Frankfort, IL 2008 •Designed, Installed and repaired voice, data and video systems for clients
•Tested and troubleshot faulty systems

Low-Power Design Algorithms and Techniques, VLSI Design and Automation Lab, IIT Summer 2013 - Present
•Researched Power reduction techniques used for RTL Systems
•Utilized power reduction techniques using Power Artist software platform

OOD/OOP and Computer Simulation Project: Creating a Verilog Simulator for Spring 2013
•Created simulator in C++ using lexical and syntactic analysis, netlist construction and logic simulation
•Used object-oriented concepts such as class design, inheritance, polymorphism and design patterns

Inter-Professional Project: Creating a Smart Hub that Enables Better Multi-Sensor Data Capture Spring 2013
•Worked successfully within a team of individuals with diverse academic backgrounds
•Helped build a system that uses data capture from temp sensor to regulate temperature within a data center
•Designed and built prototype for temperature management system

Analysis and Design of Analog IC’s Project: Design of Two Stage CMOS Op Amp with Noise-Power Balancing Fall 2012
•Designed and simulated a two stage op amp using Pspice while minimizing power consumption and noise
•Tested and successfully implemented design constraints for gain, slew rate, offset voltage and common mode range

VLSI Design Project: Design and Synthesis of Carry Propagation Adders Spring 2012
•Designed a series of 32-bit carry propagation adders using Verilog hardware description language
•Implemented RTL and Simvision to simulate results to verify function of Verilog code
• Converted Verilog code into a layout using logic synthesis then verified layout function using equivalence checking

Computer Architecture and Design Project: Design and Implementation of a MIPS CPU with Multi-cycle Data-path Fall 2011

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